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How Brands Are Hitting It Out of the Park During IPL

Updated: May 15

The Indian Premier League (IPL) is not just a cricket league; it's a festival that captivates millions of fans globally, offering a goldmine of opportunities for brands aiming to grab some eyeballs. As the latest edition of IPL unfolds, several brands have already jumped on the bandwagon by bringing their C-game (read Cricket game) to the table. Let’s look at how IPL 2024 presents itself as a grand stage for branding and strategies that brands can adopt to be noticed by the audience. To put it in cricketing terms, it’s almost like being noticed by the cameramen in a stadium full of people.   

A Prime Opportunity for Branding

IPL's widespread popularity and massive viewership of over half a billion on TV makes it an ideal platform for brands looking to boost their visibility. The tournament presents itself as an opportunity for real-time engagement with potential customers. Brands can create high recall value and ensure that their message is not just seen but also remembered. 

Strategies for Brand Success 

Latch Onto Topical Stuff

Integrating cricket references into marketing allows brands to speak the language of their audience. By connecting their products or services with the game, brands can enhance relevance and engagement. Here’s Google India joining the fans who couldn’t stop gushing over MS Dhoni’s diving catch behind the wickets. The brand simply highlighted the use of its search engine for such not-so-uncommon instances involving Thala. 

Branding Across Mediums   

Brands can execute integrated marketing campaigns by utilising IPL's extensive media coverage across various platforms. This approach ensures a consistent message across TV, digital media, and on-ground activations, maximising reach and impact. Check out how Dream11 went all out for their ‘Team Se Bada Kuch Nahi’ campaign. The brand roped in cricketers, film stars, pop icons, and even content creators for the campaign which will run parallely on TV and digital platforms. The result? Successful engagement of fantasy sports fans across the nation.  

Reach Local Audiences

IPL's diverse fan base allows brands to target specific regions with localised content, making their marketing efforts more relatable and effective. Tailoring messages to reflect local preferences can significantly boost engagement. Look at how Zomato created contextual ads for every playing team and targeted their respective fans with their ‘Match Ho To Zomato’ campaign for IPL 2024. These ads have been disseminated on Jio Cinema in 7 different languages catering to India’s diverse audiences. 

Amplification Through IPL

Showcasing products or services during the IPL can give brands a competitive edge. The league's heightened visibility and excitement create an ideal environment for launching new products or services or amplifying existing ones. After staying away from the buzz in 2023, Cred shot back (or should we say swat back 🎾) with yet another hilarious ad featuring the Tennis legend Leander Paes. The task at hand was to promote its UPI offering which was launched last year. And we must say, the boys played well!   

IPL continues to be a grand event for brands to hit big in the hypercompetitive market. Several brands have already made headlines with their marketing campaigns during the ongoing IPL season. As we witness more such ads unfolding, brands can draw inspiration from the success of these campaigns and aim to make a mark during the IPL, proving that the sky is the limit while hitting sixes and amplifying their marketing. 


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