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What’s Your Brand Personality- The Sassy, The Sorted Or The Sophisticated?

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Personality is an unbroken series of successful gestures. - F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby It was that time of the year when all brands came together to celebrate each other's achievements. All dressed in shiny attires, flaunting their glorious personas, each one of them wanted to be in the limelight. The show was a glamorous event with star brands from all industries walking the red carpet. Imagine the famed brands from different industries attending such an event, just as their CEOs would. How would you differ one brand from another, besides their names? How would they be identified as individuals? How would they behave and interact with other brands? All these questions would be answered by the brands’ personalities. Personality is an attribute that gives somebody, everybody, anybody, and even a nobody an identity to connect with. When brands take on human attributes to connect with us, it is referred to as brand personality, which makes up for an integral part of building a brand. Once all of them were gathered in the banquet hall, the program began. From enticing performances to heartfelt speeches, from receiving awards to appreciating efforts, the award show had it all. While all of the above happened on stage, there was an air of mixed emotions off the stage. Every table’s guests had a new topic to discuss. While some talked about how poised and sophisticated Apple was, another group debated whether Netflix and Tinder, both possessing sassy & cheeky personalities, were having an affair. Some guests like Tesla, on the other hand, preferred to keep away from such conversations. With evolving times we have realised how possessing a personality has become essential for every brand. It has come to that point where we can't imagine Durex without their sense of pun and sarcasm or Swiggy without their playful personality. While we look up to Nike for its encouraging personality, Adidas’s personality, as a competitor of Nike, is no less inspiring. Consumers expect something new from every brand; be it from their communication or their campaign ideas. These diverse personalities help them connect with their favorite brands on a personal level, in turn improving the brands’ reach and visibility in the market.

While the well-known names stole the spotlight with their personas, the ones with no striking trait remained in the shadows. These brands either gained a little attention by participating in the round table gossip or were silent observers. Hearts filled with regret, their minds raced with plans of how to be one of the show-stealers next year. While there are brands that are putting in efforts to stand out with their personalities, co-existing alongside them were some brands that harp on their product popularity more than possessing a profound personality. With every brand showcasing a trait, often some brands fail to create a striking one.

By the end of the event, only some brands were etched in the minds of the audience. The rest were alas, forgotten. What else remained was the zeal to be the next show-stealer, the one on the stage, the one under the spotlight of fame. In the era where there is a strong competition among brands, possessing an explicit personality has become essential. Do you think your brand has the potential personality to make a mark in the market? Can your brand’s personality not just invite, but also retain your consumers’ attention? So, look into your brand’s personality and identify if it connects with your audience. Give it a persona that makes it attract the spotlight and helps it become a positive example for other brands.


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