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We share a special bond with the BFSI industry, and that is reflected in our collaboration with ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund. For them, we armed ourselves with the right plan - Quora Marketing and invested our creative minds into strategising, researching, developing, and managing their Quora profile. The primary intent has always been to educate the audience about mutual funds while accelerating brand exposure and high visibility with our knowledge and experience in the BFSI sector. Alongside creating content, we interact with the audience through responses, create infographics to make the conversations more interesting, and encourage engagement on Quora. 


We’ve built a strong association with IndiaFirst Life Insurance built over the last five years. It all began with creating LinkedIn updates and blogs on life insurance and progressed to creating product-related content and marketing campaigns. Over the years we have developed content for several product launches, internal communication campaigns, customer engagement campaigns, and even sales channel communication.


Life insurance selling brand and we bond on different levels… and we decided to all out with our new mate, Bharti AXA Life Insurance. From product launch collaterals like emailers, posters, banners, standees, WhatsApp creatives, and video byte scripts to internal communications, we let our creative minds spread their wings wide. Wait, that’s not it! We created some greatly acknowledged campaigns for them like ‘Renew Kiya Kya?’ and ‘Stay Home Stay Safe & Go Digital’, along with marketing their Unnati Product Launch and GWP product launch.  


This one’s a project that we can never stop being proud of! For Mercedes-Benz, we brought dug deep to come up with our LinkedIn-driven idea, ‘The Corner Office’, that complimented the brand’s legacy, innovation, and excellence through thought leadership content. After some meticulous research planning, we zeroed down on blogs and infographics for them. Our content now rests on ‘The Corner Office’, a part of the Mercedes-Benz India website, which was amplified on Linkedin through targeted posts & updates post creation.


Our work as official content partners for involves crafting content that is resourceful in promoting, marketing, and amplifying events and new initiatives on, one of the leading ticketing platforms in the country. The mandate requires our creative geniuses to be spontaneous and agile in terms of content delivery with formats such as Web ads, Social Media ads, Mailers, Updates, and SEO articles to also ideate for campaign ideas for new exciting events.


Do you believe in dream come true projects? We started believing in it when we got the opportunity to collaborate with one of India’s most awaited music festivals - Bacardi NH7, 2021. Brought to us by India's biggest artist and event management company OML (Only Much louder), the musical festival expected us to hold up its magnetic image with social content. Sounds interesting, right? Our challenge on this project was that this was the first time that the festival would be hosted online. Our audience was pretty demotivated and thought that the charm of the gala would be lost. We jumped right in to pump up the festival’s energy with our content and show everyone that their favorite music festival is going to be as grand as it always has been. 

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Yellow Seed managed creative duties and created some path-breaking content masterpieces for India’s fastest-growing OTT platform ZEE5. From writing entertainment and news articles for their unmatched content library (serials, films, web series, Zee5 originals, news, etc.) to creating Apster stories for their social media channels, our deliverables included 50-70 content pieces on a daily basis. All the content pieces were written in English, Hindi, and other regional languages.


Dream 11 is one of the pioneers of introducing fantasy sports in India. This brand after being named the main sponsor of IPL wanted to attract new graduates and experienced people from the field of technology by creating content around their technical expertise. Along with this, they also wanted to exhibit the skills of their team and use it to promote their brand further. The task of creating this bank of 10 articles per month was handled by our team at Yellow Seed. With a knack of understanding the technicalities and technology involved in creating an amazing user experience, the team showed their proficiency in creating content for the brand.

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Our collaboration with Aditya Birla Health Insurance was initiated in 2018. The primary scope of work was creating blog pieces for their Activ Living Blog Page. The conversation on these blogs began with a focus on Asthma, Blood Pressure, Cholesterol, and Diabetes. Moving forth, these blogs were spread across various topics like health, lifestyle, nutrition, and fitness as projected as lateral communication.


For All About Money by Axis, in association with ‘To The New’, team Yellow Seed designed attractive and precise infographics, and blogs [75] and built video scripts for Axis Bank on the importance of saving and making the right investment for a secured future.

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The BFSI sector and we have a very special bond, and that's how HDFC Credila and we got to know each other. Small talks lead to bigger conversations and we got to know that they were looking to promote their plans of non-banking finance along with education loans as a smart choice. Moving on, we told them our special blog strategy for them, showing them how it's going to benefit them. 

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Real estate has always intrigued us and our creative cells, and it all began with our collaboration with Lodha. While we knew who they were, they wanted a bigger target audience to know about their legacy in the commercial builder space. The formats shortlisted for them were blogs and infographics on LinkedIn, targeted toward CXOs, Partners, and Senior Management of various industries following the brand’s activities on the platform.


Brands survive in the market for three things - engagement, engagement, engagement! This engagement is what we aimed for Castrol, Turkey. It all began with understanding the psyche and attitudinal preferences of the target audience, the service providers in Turkey. All the planning boiled down to creating interesting and impactful content that specifically caters to the Turkish audience. More so, for this project in collaboration with Mindshare India, we even trans-created the content in Turkish. That’s how far our research can go.


When a brand collaborating with us has such noble plans, how can we stay behind in boosting their project? So to promote their rural housing loans for the underprivileged, we took to identifying the right audience to talk to and spread the word on MRHF’s Social Media profiles. More so, we went on to create Quarterly Newsletters engaging their stakeholders.


What does a real estate project need from a creative marketing agency? An online and offline foundation for their brand image. Our plan - is to create a concrete content strategy to communicate with all segments of their target audience. With Social Media and Emailers as our pillars, we built their image further with offline content like creative brochures, pamphlets, welcome kits, and hoardings.


BFSI - check, Technology - check, Healthcare - check, Lifestyle - check. The next industry in line for us to dive into was agriculture, with AgriOrigin. A brand in its initial stages, AgriOriging imbibes technology and science-based innovation to drive the future of agriculture. Our scope was to make them look appealing as a brand on the website, for their B2B audience. Our learning - the industry has caught our attention, and we do want to work more!


For those who believe Fintech brands have to sound serious, it’s a myth! For the Fintech Unicorn, we donned our cape of finance knowledge and dived in to connect them with their audience with our favorite weapon - creativity. Driving their brand image primarily towards LinkedIn, we went on to liven up their image with Infographics, video content, and creative GIFs.


This exciting project of creating over 400 Live Content Pieces for MTV India Blog is one we really enjoyed. From listicles and quirky blogs, the content pieces focused on Bollywood, movie reviews, tech-related updates, and relationship advice- all in sync with the audience’s taste as well as the brand’s tonality


Irrespective of your background, you must be aware of how tiring and time-consuming research can get, don’t you? Ideaboarding resolved that problem with their idea that eases the research process. With a brand with such creativity, we had to step out of the box, and think differently, but who said different cannot be regular? We filtered our ideas down to our regular - social media content and mixed it with our experimental plan - storyboards to promote their brand, processes, and services. 

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Our journey with Shoppers Stop has been a fashion-forward one. Team Yellow Seed helped shape a refreshing identity for their blog ‘Style Hub’ with over 200 engaging content pieces on fashion, lifestyle, and home décor. Additionally, we handled the back-end management for the blogs and fashioned a unique impact by connecting with eminent fashion bloggers to create personalized articles for the evolving audience.


There’s a new industry aur hum explore na karein, ho hi nahi sakta. That’s our story with Kabira Mobility, a two-wheeler electric vehicles brand. They gave us a ride into the EV industry, and we recharged their brand image and persona with promotional social media content. We took up their brand positioning as our mission, charged up our creative cells, and stepped up their social game with innovative ideas.


For Viacom 18, we created numerous, intriguing and insightful thought leadership articles. The mandate required a careful understanding of the ‘way of thinking’ of the top management. We turned their learnings from personal & professional life into engaging articles sharing a different side of their success stories.


With H&R Johnson, we ventured into the tiling and home interiors industry & created over 100 articles and 20 plus infographics for innovative solutions on home improvement and design which required research on architectural ergonomics and understanding of visual aesthetics. The topics covered a broad area of home décor and the fundamentals of space transformation using decorative features and paraphernalia.


For Franklin Templeton, we invested our creative minds into creating a content bank of articles for their ‘Good EMI’ campaign. The idea was to highlight the benefits of disciplined investments leading to a stable and secure financial future. We introduced the concept of Good EMI to young investors by providing detailed yet simplified guides on investments.


One of our Dark Mode collaborations flew in from the USA - Flying V Group, a Digital Marketing Agency. They had specific requirements from us, i.e. creating a brand book for them, and positioning them on their social media platforms - Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Our learning - we got a peep into how global digital marketing works, and a plan to land on that space.


Yellow Seed, in association with Quasar, has been creating content for Nestlé for multiple interesting projects & campaigns. ‘Baby & Me’ was an interesting one that was targeted towards young parents, working professionals, homemakers, and expecting mothers to guide them about a healthy start and prosperous future for their babies’ growth. It involved developing 250+ blogs & infographics. This thoroughly researched content was affirmed by nutritionists and pediatricians. Other projects for Nestlé involved researching articles for Nestlé Nutrition Institute, e-books & e-mailers for the Nestlé family & content for Nestlé Ceregrow.


Quite some technical writing for B2B and B2C audiences went into creating content for Qafila, a logistics company that aims to help its customers improve and organise their cargo forwarding experience. Whitepapers, blogs, social media content, and e-mailer, won in the lottery against the other content formats for the 3 months’ project with this UAE-based client. While we had planned to enhance their digital marketing presence, we went a step ahead! We leveraged the market during the pandemic and created exclusive content highlighting their efficiency throughout. 


Just when we were thinking of exploring new avenues and industries, Increff, a Warehouse Management Software company came our way. They wanted a lead generation strategy, so we gave them whitepapers, suiting their brief. We surely didn't leave the whitepapers stranded and backed them with blogs entailing more information about the brand, their business automation, its benefits, and their smart-tech solutions to support their clients' businesses.


When it comes to connecting brands with their target audience using content, it is our Kung-fu. When Ciena brought to us a different agenda like promoting their Employer Branding Perspective and attracting the right talent, we got all the more eager to showcase our content marketing skills. First things first, we gave them a content guideline and a social presence focusing on the agenda. We followed it up with targeted content for their social media. That’s not it! We took their presence up a notch with diversity in content formats with Infographics, Job Descriptions, Flyers, and Event Posters to invite talent attention.

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There are brands that market insurance plans, and then there are middle agents who actually sell the insurance plans. For Asego, a health insurance brand, it was these agents that we created content for. We saw the supreme power in insurance agents to market their products despite all the dejections, and turmoil, and titled them our Insurance Ninjas, creating communication accordingly. To ease Asego’s processes, we created for them a Brand Book, then went on to highlight their impressive plans for their Website Content, Emailers, Social Media Content, and Blogs.


Exploring industries keeps our creativity racing, and we like it that way. Just when we thought that we could take time off storming our brains, and settle with the brands at hand, our team presented us with VEMC, a brand that provides electro-mechanical solutions. They were looking for a single-pronged plan to communicate with their B2B audience, and blogs seemed the ideal choice for their target audience to promote their products, services, and their eco-friendly alternative solutions. [Side note] This project really charged up our engineer-turned creative writers!


All a writer wants from his/her agency life is variety, and that’s exactly what  Digital Nod brings us from time to time. Our association with the US-based company is as their extended partners for projects. With them, we get to know international celebrities and personalities in-depth and churn out attractive press articles and blogs for them. You should see the joy and flair in the work of our entertainment specialist writers when working on these articles.


Yes, we also collaborated with the leading tyre brand of India with a content marketing mandate. For the new feather in our hat, we created Quora Seeding for their Bike-Category and provided up to about 20 answers on an avg. We also created an SEO Blog strategy and content for them, under the categories - car, bike, and scooter.


It’s luck by chance when we get a brand collaboration that matches our vibe. When we began our journey with the Gaana Music festival 2019, we were all pumped up and danced to the beats of our creativity. We created festival-focused content for their social media handles for Indian and US-based audiences. Our goal was to get the audience to join the enthusiasm of the festival and groove in the musical vibe.

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Mental Health has always been a sensitive and respected topic for us, and as an agency that accounts for breaks to take care of mental health, MindU was the opportunity we were craving for. The brand wanted to promote its platform to come and talk to professionals about mental health, but we love to take things a notch higher. In this lottery, the blog strategy won. We went to pour our beliefs, thoughts, and research along with their expertise and knowledge as blog content, making them conversation beginners or the audiences.

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We’ve got collaborations across timezones too… and MediaOne, a Singapore-based digital marketing agency is one of them. They are digital marketers, and we, primarily content marketers. For them, we created a niche, digital marketing-driven, well-researched SEO articles as their content partners.


We told you we set our hearts on the agriculture industry, so here’s our next tread into the industry - ThinkAg. As a scope to help them with their marketing scope, this agro-tech brand had something irregular for us. They wanted us to create and market their Partnership Webinars, brand their videos, and create promotional content around them for Twitter and Linkedin. When it comes to learning, the webinars are highly insightful and get us all the more interested in the industry.

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TeamViewer wanted to amplify the intensity of its brand awareness strategy, especially for the Indian market. We took up the task of producing 15 content pieces a month that specifically spoke about their products and the booming space of remote connectivity [blogs and infographics], implementations done for their clients [case studies], and a thought leadership article published from the LinkedIn profile of Krunal Patel, Head of Business India and South Asia, TeamViewer.

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upGrad is a highly successful innovator in the delivery of online learning. Yellow Seed worked with this popular online education service provider to help them grow their business by throwing light on what the educational brand has to offer to its students. From white paper to infographics, the team has created some compelling and innovative content for the brand. While the white paper was written on the revolution brought in by online education, the infographic was created on understanding business decision-making, both of which were areas of proficiency for our team of creative junkies.

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As an agency we’ve had our fair share of experiences, partnering with various brands. What keeps us going is our ability to create versatile content, irrespective of what is commonly expected of the brand. We took our plans of creating something unique for Junglee and crafted thought leadership articles for Rahul Bharadwaj (CEO, Co-founder) and Kapil Rathee (Co-founder) of Junglee Games, as a part of their recruitment drive. This content portrayed them as leaders in their industry, conveyed their perspectives about the modern workforce, and encouraged potential candidates to join Junglee Games.


Over a period of 2 years, through Digital L&K Saatchi and Saatchi, we created around 1500 blogs which were a blend of product reviews, product launches, game reviews, and other tech and gadget-related content pieces for Idea Tech Talks.

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Attention to mobile applications has grown to be one of the key agendas of various brands. Hence when its app downloads dropped during the COVID-19 pandemic, Angel Broking, India’s biggest stockbroking firm needed a plan to rise. Our creative team helped them identify the problem and took up the challenge of promoting app downloads. With the help of targeted communication, we were able to garner higher download rates while encouraging customers to use the app to start their first transaction. Comic strips and infographics were a few key content formats used in their campaign that led to an increase in interactions and activity on their application.


We developed over 300 thoroughly researched content pieces in both English and regional languages for Danone Aptaclub, in association with Isobar. This project was targeted toward working professionals, homemakers, and expecting mothers to primarily educate them about the entire 9-month pregnancy We detailed the journey in week-wise content pieces in the form of articles and infographics based on well-researched personas of our target audience. We also translated these content pieces into multiple languages to reach a wider audience. 

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We created informative SEO articles for Ingenico, one of India's leading digital payment firms. After their acquisition by Worldline, our content team continued to assist the brand in crafting other assets such as authored articles, product page blogs, product-based infographics, and communication. The intent of the brand was to get its products in front of a larger audience.

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With Reliance Home Finance, we created and executed Thought Leadership Articles for Senior Management and various internal communication from the CEO’s Desk. Additionally, we implemented various online campaigns, internal communication campaigns, content for sales campaigns, and infographics.


For Reliance Mutual Fund, our team of creative wizards created and designed impressive social media posts and informative blogs on Mutual Funds. With over 100 Articles and Social Media updates on banking and finance, we’ve built our expertise in writing content for BFSI.

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In association with KNOLSKAPE, we completely undertook the internal communication for a workshop conducted by Tata Communications Ltd. for a period of 3 months. To spread awareness and encourage participation among employees, we developed content pieces like posters, infographics, certificates, newsletters, workbook, video and also a campaign to be run on their internal portals.

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The team of creative junkies at Yellow Seed received the mandate of website content creation from Inventia, a pioneering nutraceutical company in the healthcare space. This project saw the team of wordsmiths toe the line of technology and nutrition to position Nutreventia - a neutraceutical vertical of the parent brand, Inventia as an innovator to fill in the gaps in the nutraceutical portfolios of their clientele. We created deep-insight-driven website copy for their Home Page, Product Portfolio, and Technological platforms. This association for us was a successful venture into a niche field of lifestyle enhancement through inventive technologies.

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For our association with DSP, we applied our knowledge from the BFSI industry to work with their distributor network app. We help promote their app by creating social media creatives, emailers, and videos targeted to the app audience, i.e. the distributors. The venture involved scanning the app to knowknowing its features, what needs to be highlighted to the distributor, and creating content to promote it. 


For Aegis, we created over 20 Newsletters and conducted numerous case studies for Aegis Global. Understanding the evolving trends in the Telecom sector and the innovations driving its performance was a challenge that we were able to accomplish.


With the apparel brand Liva, we successfully ventured into the lifestyle and fashion genre. We built over 150 fashion blogs during the launch phase of Liva aptly called Liva Fashion Diaries in association with Digital L&K Saatchi and Saatchi.


During our association with Wavemaker, we created numerous internal communication videos for Paytym and designed presentations for ShopClues, Vodafone, Royal Stag Barrel Select, Ripple, and Olx. We created over 100 tech-savvy content pieces for Croma’s online community. These included gadget reviews, new launches, trending gadgets, e-recycling and so much more! Our team also crafted over 50 long-format informative articles for Dr. Aquaguard from Eureka Forbes song with Award Entries.


With Piramal Capital and Housing Finance, one of the leading housing finance companies in India, we set on an exciting journey and gave an interesting makeover to the brand’s voice. We launched campaigns that had the perfect blend of entertainment and emotion to highlight their core message, products, and other services. The content was in the form of updates, posts, GIFs, and videos on their social media assets namely, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.


There are projects where we showcase our expertise, and there are projects where we get to explore; House of Hiranandani nudged both strings for us. For them, we created two types of newsletters, Herald (External Magazine) and HOH Happenings (Internal Newsletter). Herald, created quarterly, communicated with their prospects and clients, and covered highlights like upcoming projects, updates, relevant articles, etc. On the other hand, HOH Happenings was a monthly newsletter that communicated with their employees and internal stakeholders.

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To reinforce their reputation as a PR Institute among people, we designed and crafted their marketing and placement brochures. These we distributed at educational fairs and similar events to develop awareness among potential candidates and demonstrate their capabilities in front of the stakeholders


With Piramal Capital and Housing Finance, one of the leading housing finance companies in India, we set on an exciting journey and gave an interesting makeover to the brand’s voice. We launched campaigns that had the perfect blend of entertainment and emotion to highlight their core message, products, and other services. The content was in the form of updates, posts, GIFs, and videos on their social media assets namely, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

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Nirali NG, one of the pioneers in the kitchen sink industry partnered with us to amplify their reach beyond offline sales by entering the digital space. Our team of creators at Yellow Seed and visualisers came up with a interesting approach for the brand to introduce themselves on three different social platforms. The entire social media strategy was planned to reflect the legacy, expertise and customer-centric nature of the brand. Our team has created about 100 Social media posts, 8 emailers and 8 blogs which cater to both their B2B and B2C audience.

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Yellow Seed established brand awareness and increased organic reach by creating interesting, unique, and informative content posts on the social media accounts of the brand Tigon. As this technologically advanced and futuristic brand Tigon, which caters to our safety and data privacy, launched its first product ‘TigonOne’ digitally, YS managed the client's Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts to provide SEO and content services, garnering them good traction on social media. Our creative and content team created 12 posts per social media platform for the brand. We also churned out 8 informative articles every month for their website, showcasing their technology and innovations.

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One of our latest projects is in collaboration with Quicklyz, a brand that leases out car subscription models for a minimum tenure of 2 years. Yes, you can now own a car by renting it for longer terms. For a brand that established its identity with a unique plan, we had to take a different route - Quora. So we dug into the presence of the automobile industry on Quora and chalked out a roadmap for Quicklyz on the platform. More so, we planned to support the answers with visual content - infographics.

Awards & Recognition

All our endeavours have been driven by hard work, the zeal to set new standards, and our clients’ trust in us. Every time our work is recognised, it is not us alone, but each party involved with the brand.


In 2021, Yellow Seed was awarded Gold in the category Best use of Social Media Brand - Platforms (Quora) in SAMMIES 2020 by Social Samosa.

In 2019, we bagged Silver for Excellence in Content at the 9th Public Relations Council of India Awards for excellence by Agencies

In 2017, we were recognised as the Best Content Agency at the National Digital marketing Conference & Awards, 2017, powered by CMO Asia.