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In 2020, we embarked on an uncharted journey to redefine the boundaries of digital experiences. Entrusted with the honour by OML (Only Much Louder), the country's foremost artist and event management conglomerate, we metamorphosed the iconic Bacardi NH7 Weekender into a groundbreaking virtual spectacle.
The question at hand: Could we capture the ineffable essence of such a renowned festival and relay it seamlessly in a digital format? The uncertainty was palpable, as this revered event was venturing into the digital realm for the first time. We viewed the doubt not as a hurdle but as an opportunity to innovate.
Our strategy was multifaceted. We initiated conversations about the festival, employing compelling and inventive social media narratives. Our collaboration with key influencers amplified the buzz and fostered a community of eager participants. We built momentum leading up to the event with a slew of engaging contests and giveaways.
The outcome surpassed expectations. The festival's magic not only prevailed in the virtual domain but also flourished, with an overwhelming attendance of over 65,000 virtual festival-goers and an addition of 2,000 ardent followers on our Instagram. This was more than just engagement; it was a testament to the transformative power of digital innovation when executed with vision and passion.



During our collaboration with one of India’s foremost ticketing platforms, we envisioned and executed transformative content strategies to effectively promote and amplify events for the brand. Our multidimensional approach spanned from web advertisements and SEO-optimised articles to innovative social media campaigns and insightful mailers. Beyond content, our team conceptualised unique campaign ideas for various events. #InsiderInsights

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Our association with Zee5 led us to structure an extensive content library—from serials, films, web series and Zee5 originals—which profoundly influenced the trajectory of this Indian OTT giant. Recognising the power of linguistic diversity, we embraced regional languages and ensured authentic representation. 
In less than a year, our dedication and linguistic agility culminated in the creation of over 15,000 content pieces, with close to 70 being crafted daily in English, Hindi, and multiple regional languages. 
More than just articles, our narratives and captivating Apester Stories reshaped the contours of digital entertainment. We didn't just join the conversation; we led it, in diverse languages.



The initial steps in the process of content creation are to understand the audience and maintain brand integrity. During our collaboration with MTV India, this philosophy was at the forefront of our efforts. We created close to 500 content pieces that ranged from listicles to insightful commentary. With a diverse range of themes (Bollywood Insights, Tech News and Relationship Guidance) they bore the hallmark of meticulous crafting and alignment with the brand’s voice. We pride ourselves on meeting expectations and setting new benchmarks. #LeadingTheWayInContent. 

Leveraging Quora Marketing, our team embarked on a mission to demystify mutual funds for the general populace, boosting brand presence and engagement for ICICI Prudential Mutual Funds. Our approach was not merely transactional; we immersed ourselves in the BFSI sector's intricacies, curating content that was not only informative but also strategically aligned with the brand’s ethos. Our interactions within the Quora community transcended the basic Q&A format. We crafted infographics that blended knowledge with visual appeal, fostering deeper connections.
The result - a staggering 25 million views on the brand’s Quora profile and over 25,000 views in the ‘Learn About Mutual Funds’ space, solidifying our status as a subject matter expert in the BFSI space.
Our innovative content strategy was recognised with the prestigious Gold at SAMMIES 2020 for Best Use of Social Media in the Brand - Platforms category, a testament to our pioneering vision and expertise in leveraging Quora as a powerful tool for social media excellence.


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For this project, we crafted a plethora of thought-provoking thought leadership articles that made a lasting impression on our audience. Our brand required a deep understanding of the visionary perspectives held by senior management. We skillfully translated the insights drawn from their personal and professional journeys into captivating articles, shedding light on a previously undisclosed aspect of their successful narratives.



Our partnership with Quasar was a remarkable journey, marked by a series of impactful projects and campaigns that we orchestrated for Nestlé. One of the standout initiatives was the 'Baby & Me' campaign, meticulously crafted to resonate with young parents, working professionals, homemakers, and expectant mothers. Our unwavering commitment to quality led us to curate an extensive repository of over 250 meticulously researched blogs and infographics. These resources were further enriched by endorsements from renowned nutritionists and paediatricians. This collaboration bore fruit in the form of tangible, brand-transforming results.

Beyond 'Baby & Me,' our association with Nestlé extended to crafting authoritative articles for the Nestlé Nutrition Institute, developing insightful e-books, and crafting compelling emailers for the Nestlé family. Our content for Nestlé Ceregrow also left an indelible mark. In essence, we not only turned visions into reality but also enriched lives along the way. Our dedication to excellence and care in every aspect of our work truly exemplifies our commitment to thought leadership. #CreatingWithCare

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In our dedicated pursuit of empowering the premier online education service provider, we embarked on a mission to illuminate the boundless potential this esteemed brand offers its students. At upGrad, our team of creative visionaries meticulously crafted a myriad of white papers and infographics, each designed to serve as a beacon of knowledge and innovation.

The white paper, a testament to the transformative force of online education, delved deep into the revolutionary impact it has ushered in. Meanwhile, the accompanying infographic artfully demystified the intricate realm of business decision-making. Through these endeavours, our team showcased their mastery in these critical domains, catalysing profound and holistic change for our valued partner.

In essence, our unwavering commitment to thought leadership not only unlocks new horizons but also paves the way for a brighter, more educated future.



Working with the esteemed brand Mercedes-Benz, we embarked on a content journey, founding 'The Corner Office', a LinkedIn-driven concept that effortlessly resonated with the brand's illustrious history, ground-breaking innovation, and unwavering dedication to excellence through the lens of thought leadership. Our team meticulously conducted research and crafted blogs and infographics to bolster the campaign's captivating narrative. Each month, we produced an impressive 20 pieces of high-quality content for the website, later amplifying their reach on LinkedIn. The campaign exceeded all expectations, resulting in the acquisition of over 400,000 unique members within a mere three months and achieving an impressive click-through rate of 1.21%.


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Our remarkable partnership with TeamViewer revolved around enhancing brand recognition, particularly in the Indian market. To accomplish this objective, we embarked on an innovative content strategy that encompassed the creation of compelling blogs and visually captivating infographics. These thoughtfully crafted pieces of content illuminated the impeccable quality of TeamViewer's state-of-the-art products, shining a spotlight on the ever-expanding domain of remote connectivity. We further exemplified the brand's prowess by showcasing successful client implementations through an array of insightful case studies. As a final touch, we proudly crafted a thought leadership article on LinkedIn for Krunal Patel, the esteemed Head of Business in India and South Asia at TeamViewer. This endeavour truly embodied the spirit of teamwork, delivering exceptional results. #TeamExcellence


Over 1500 blogs were created for a content-led IP across a rigorous two-year collaboration with Digital L&K Saatchi and Saatchi. The array of content, included product reviews, product launches, game reviews, and a captivating assortment of tech and gadget-related pieces for Idea Tech Talks. This remarkable endeavour served as our gateway into the teleportation space, artfully showcasing our ability to establish industry benchmarks within a condensed time frame.



Our collaboration with IDEA for their content-led IP enabled us to explore the tech industry more deeply. Keeping up the momentum in the industry, we accomplished several milestones, including delivering a range of exceptionally crafted internal communication videos for Paytm. We also designed insightful and visually engaging presentations for several esteemed clients, including ShopClues, Vodafone, Royal Stag Barrel Select, Ripple, and OLX. Our team continuously scaled new heights, accomplishing the creation of over 100 tech-savvy content pieces for Croma's online community, spanning gadget reviews, new launches, trending gadgets, e-recycling, and much more. In addition to this, we authored over 50 insightful long-format articles for Dr. Aquaguard from Eureka Forbes, along with distinguished award entries.



Since our initial term with the esteemed digital solutions provider, our team has focused on crafting a content marketing strategy targeting diverse audiences across all stages of the sales funnel. By devising a comprehensive communication strategy for platforms like LinkedIn, YouTube, and their website, we continue to create exceptional content pieces such as blog articles, infographics, videos, and WhatsApp creatives. This leadership approach has set new industry benchmarks for JioBusiness, boosting its digital performance and sparking nationwide discussions.



Our exceptional command over technical writing enabled us to create compelling content for a prominent logistics company, serving both B2B and B2C audiences. With a focus on elevating the cargo forwarding experience for valued customers in the UAE, we meticulously curated a diverse repertoire of content assets, encompassing whitepapers, blogs, social media content, and email campaigns, all from India. Amidst the challenges posed by the pandemic, our efforts not only bolstered their digital presence but also formulated a strategic marketing plan that showcased their operational prowess. Through our expertise and well-defined content strategy, the brand emerged as a shining star in the logistics realm, setting new standards of excellence. #SteppingUpTheGame

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Our long-term association with BFSI giants such as ICICI Prudential Mutual Funds and IndiaFirst Life Insurance paved our way into the industry. Hence, when we initiated collaboration with the esteemed Kotak General Insurance, we were all geared up to put our creative foot forward. To showcase their insurance products and exceptional financial services, they are on a mission to redefine the brand identity. This is where our expertise comes into play. Intending to bridge the gap with their diverse audience, we breathe new life into their communication strategy through the creation of emailers, push notifications, SMS messages, banners, and WhatsApp posts and banners. We infuse these content pieces with a delightful concoction of pop-culture references, clever puns, and a hint of quirkiness. By doing so, we speak the language of the younger generation while ensuring accessibility for the older demographic. The outcome? A fresh and captivating narrative that not only resonates deeply but also captivates. Kotak General Insurance now forges connections with its audience like never before, transforming financial discourse into an enlightening and enjoyable experience. #FinTalkIsFunTalk


In collaboration with Isobar, we embarked on a remarkable project to create 300 meticulously researched content pieces for Danone Aptaclub. Our mission? To empower working professionals, homemakers, and expectant mothers with a wealth of knowledge encompassing the entire 9-month pregnancy journey. Recognising the importance of inclusivity, we went above and beyond by translating this valuable resource into various regional languages, allowing us to reach a wider audience. The content was intelligently disseminated through a series of week-by-week articles and infographics, carefully crafted to resonate with our meticulously defined target personas. Each piece stood firmly on the foundation of thorough research, ensuring the utmost relevance and impact. Engaging in such an awe-inspiring endeavour has truly exemplified our commitment to thought leadership, leaving an indelible mark on the industry. #BrewingAwesomeness

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In 2018, we embarked on a momentous collaboration with Aditya Birla Health Insurance for their dynamic Activ Living blog page. Our journey began with the creation of 15-20 monthly blog pieces, touching upon a myriad of topics. Initially, our focus centred on pivotal health subjects like Asthma, Blood Pressure, Cholesterol, and Diabetes. Over the years, our partnership has flourished, and our blogs now expand into a diverse range of subjects, encompassing not only health but also lifestyle, nutrition, and fitness. This transformation sparked a broader and more immersive conversation, uniting a passionate community committed to active and mindful living. Over the course of this captivating journey, we have, by far, published an impressive tally of over 500 blogs, attracting an astounding readership of over 1.5 Lakhs and accruing an enviable base of over 20K subscribers. This remarkable achievement epitomises our unwavering dedication to thought leadership and our unparalleled expertise in igniting positive change. #ProgressingActively

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Our partnership with Shoppers Stop allowed us to make a resounding fashion statement, quite literally! We embarked on a transformative journey to create a compelling brand identity for their esteemed blog - 'Style Hub'. With meticulous care and creativity, we curated over 200 captivating content pieces, encompassing the realms of fashion, lifestyle, and home décor. But our contribution extends beyond just content creation. We seamlessly managed the back-end operations of these blogs, elevating Shoppers Stop's online presence to new heights. To truly leave an indelible mark, we collaborated with influential fashion bloggers, delivering personalised articles that resonated deeply with a dynamic and ever-evolving audience. This exemplary partnership has allowed us to assert our thought leadership and reinvent the fashion narrative. #Slaying


Years of hard work and experience have enabled us to proudly talk about our ability to create versatile and impactful content that consistently delivers desired results for our esteemed clients. In the case of this brand, our deep expertise was channelled towards crafting thought leadership articles featuring the esteemed Rahul Bharadwaj (CEO, Co-founder) and Kapil Rathee (Co-founder) of Junglee Games. These articles masterfully positioned them as industry leaders, capturing their unique perspectives on the modern workforce and inspiring potential candidates to join their exceptional team. With our unrivalled expertise, we continue to pave the way for success. #Expertise


When the warehouse management software company needed a dynamic lead generation strategy, we took charge with a revolutionary approach. Our team meticulously crafted insightful whitepapers, which became the bedrock of this astonishing transformation. These whitepapers were accompanied by thought-provoking blogs that delved profoundly into the brand's narrative, exploring their cutting-edge business automation solutions and the immense advantages they provided to their esteemed clientele. The result was an overwhelming surge of business expansion, propelling the brand forward and generating an impressive stream of high-quality leads. #LeadingTheWay


Engagement is the lifeblood of a brand, the very essence from which it thrives. Our mission for Castrol in Turkey was a thorough exploration of the target audience and service providers' psyche and attitudinal preferences. The most challenging yet interesting part of the project was collaborating with the Castrol teams based out of Germany and Turkey for briefs and approvals, creating content in India, for an audience based out of Turkey. Through meticulous planning and in-depth research, we harnessed this understanding to create compelling banners, emailers, and infographics tailored exclusively for the Turkish market. To augment our efforts, we collaborated with Mindshare India to trans-create the content in Turkish, taking our dedication to global success to new heights. This exemplifies the profound extent of our research and the unwavering commitment we have towards ensuring triumph for every brand we serve. #GoingGlobal


The excitement surrounding the IPL is unparalleled. We felt the same surge of enthusiasm when we forged a partnership with Dream11, the official sponsor of the IPL. As pioneers in the realm of fantasy sports, Dream11 sought to captivate a diverse audience comprising both fresh graduates and seasoned tech professionals by showcasing their unparalleled technical expertise through compelling content. Furthermore, they aimed to exhibit the prowess of their talented team and elevate brand visibility to new heights. With meticulous planning, we executed a meticulously crafted strategy that encompassed the creation of insightful articles highlighting the intricacies of crafting an extraordinary user experience. #IgnitingInnovation

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Formerly known as National Securities Depository Limited (NSDL), India's venerable E-governance and technology firm has entrusted us with a challenging endeavour - to streamline their lead generation efforts. Conducting a thorough assessment of their brand strategy, we follow a multi-tiered approach that leverages our team's ingenuity and expertise. This encompasses developing valuable website resources and disseminating them through expertly crafted email marketing campaigns. Our unparalleled efforts culminated in remarkable results, with record-breaking open rates and an exponentially expanded reach. Through this magnificent feat, we cemented a robust partnership with this esteemed client, fuelling our commitment to collaborative excellence as we continue to work with them. #PoweringPartnerships


Our association with H&R Johnson marked our foray into the realm of tiling and home interiors, solidifying our expertise in this flourishing industry. Drawing upon our vast knowledge and unwavering passion, we embarked on a journey to create a collection of over 100 insightful articles and more than 20 captivating infographics, all centred around groundbreaking solutions for home improvement and exquisite design. These endeavours were underpinned by extensive research on architectural ergonomics and a comprehensive understanding of visual aesthetics. In this realm of refined aesthetics, we remain unwavering in our commitment to deliver unparalleled thought leadership.



We are pleased to have partnered with India's premier tyre brand for a transformative content marketing venture, one that exemplifies our commitment to excellence. Our concerted efforts on this project included innovative Quora Seeding for their Bike Category, resulting in an impressive average of over 20 expertly crafted responses. Further, we devised an effective SEO blog strategy that harnessed our profound understanding of the cars, bikes, and scooters categories to produce an extensive library of valuable content. As an outcome, we have elevated the parameters of thought leadership in the realm of content marketing, cementing our position as innovators in this magnificent industry.



Our collaborative efforts traversed time zones as we joined forces with a distinguished Digital Marketing Agency hailing from the United States. This transcontinental partnership brought forth a unique set of challenges, including the creation of a comprehensive brand book and the strategic positioning of our client across prominent social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Throughout this transformative project, our team relished the profound opportunity to expand our horizons and acquire invaluable knowledge in the realm of global digital marketing. We soared beyond expectations, reaffirming our position as thought leaders in this dynamic industry.


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Our mission for the brand involved the creation of website content, highlighting its position as a pioneering nutraceutical company in the healthcare sector. Our talented writers skillfully navigated the intersection of technology and nutrition to establish Nutreventia as a prominent nutraceutical subsidiary of its parent company, Inventia. Drawing upon invaluable insights, we meticulously crafted the website content, featuring Nutreventia's homepage, product range, and technological advancements.



This was one of our initial steps into BFSI content creation. For the investment firm, our central commitment was to curate a repository of knowledge for their 'Good EMI' initiative. We aimed to underscore the benefits of prudent investments for a financially robust and secure future. To achieve this, we introduced the concept of 'Good EMI' to a younger generation of investors through comprehensive yet easily digestible investment guides. In doing so, we enabled the brand to guide its clients on their path to financial prosperity.


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Over the past decade, we've nurtured a robust partnership with a prominent life insurance brand. Our journey began with the inception of a content-first strategy for IndiaFirst Life Insurance, commencing with LinkedIn updates and blogs focused on life insurance. This strategy has since evolved to encompass the development of product-centric campaigns and marketing initiatives. Notably, we took the lead in crafting communication assets for a dedicated distributor community. This includes the creation of performance-oriented landing pages, product-related banners, and financial calculators. Additionally, we disseminate several internal communication mailers, elaborating on the advantages of this community for its members.

Currently, we have also created a Quora marketing strategy and are continually helping them grow on the Q/A platform. Moreover, we’ve harboured channel communication, succinct one-pagers, regional content, and even bespoke WhatsApp stickers tailored for the brand and its internal teams. We aim to consistently meet the brand's diverse and evolving requirements through its content. #PioneeringContentStrategy


This project deeply resonated with us on multiple levels. Although the primary objective was to advocate for their rural housing loans, our initial step involved pinpointing the ideal audience, and subsequently, we strategically amplified the message across Mahindra Rural Home Finance's social media platforms. This deliberate and insightful approach resulted in a substantial upswing in the brand's social media presence and visibility. #GroundedInExpertise


In collaboration with 'To The New', we had the privilege of creating a series of impactful content pieces for 'All About Money' by Axis Bank. Our contributions included the design of informative infographics, the publication of a plethora of insightful blogs, and the development of video scripts that emphasised the critical nature of prudent saving and sound investment decisions for a secure future.

This collaborative effort stands as a noteworthy achievement in our ongoing journey, as we endeavoured to redefine the frontiers of content innovation within the BFSI sector. #LeadingTheChargeInInnovation

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When this opportunity knocked on our door, the brand sought to champion its non-banking finance plans, with a particular focus on education loans as a discerning choice. We seized the opportunity, donned our BFSI knowledge cape, and crafted a comprehensive blog strategy that elucidated the merits of these offerings. Subsequently, we embarked on a prolific journey of producing a multitude of articles that further underscored the advantages.

Our goal-driven strategy not only met but exceeded the client's expectations, as we guided them towards establishing themselves as thought leaders in the field. #Banking OnContent

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In the realm of insurance, there exist brands that craft insurance plans, and intermediaries who actively facilitate the sale of these plans. Our concerted efforts were specifically tailored to engage with these intermediaries, whom we affectionately referred to as 'Insurance Ninjas' in our communication. Our comprehensive strategy encompassed the development of a brand handbook, website content, email campaigns, social media materials, and informative blog posts.

This strategic approach not only elevated the brand's prominence within the industry but also served as a testament to its profound expertise in the domain of travel insurance. #PioneeringExcellence


The world-renowned pharmaceutical corporation entrusted us with the task of crafting a content marketing strategy for their 'Breathe Free' initiative. With a keen understanding of the intended audience and the brand's established identity, we assumed the role of content visionaries, embarking on a journey of creating over 50 articles for CIPLA.

These articles delved into a wide array of topics, ranging from self-assessment tools, symptom recognition, viable solutions, precautionary measures, and more, all centred around themes such as asthma, allergies, nutrition, and fevers. Our content transcended the traditional boundaries of healthcare and ventured into uncharted territories of healthcare communication, reinforcing our position as thought leaders in the field.



In collaboration with the real estate industry leader, we meticulously orchestrated the development of their content strategy, ensuring flawless execution. Our approach involved the creation of two distinctive newsletters: 'Herald' (External Magazine) and 'HOH Happenings' (Internal Newsletter).

'Herald,' a quarterly publication, served as a means of communication with their prospects and clients. It featured insights on upcoming projects, updates, and relevant articles, reinforcing the brand's commitment to excellence and innovation. Parallel to creating content for their consumers, we also focused on developing communication for their internal teams and stakeholders. Hence, 'HOH Happenings,' a monthly newsletter nurturing a cohesive and informed workforce was born. It was based on the idea of bridging the gap within the internal employees by acknowledging and encouraging them, fostering a healthy and well-knot workforce.

This strategic convergence of internal and external communication not only strengthened internal bonds but also ignited a brand narrative driven by passion and purpose. These content pieces transcended the conventional perception of real estate, captivating and resonating on a profound level, beyond the physical structures themselves. #ElevatingRealEstateNarratives


Our partnership with the apparel brand represented our triumphant entry into the vibrant realm of lifestyle and fashion. In collaboration with Digital L&K Saatchi and Saatchi, we embarked on a remarkable journey, crafting an impressive collection of over 150 fashion blogs during the launch of 'Liva,' aptly named 'Liva Fashion Diaries'.

This alliance allowed us to curate content that resonated with the discerning tastes of fashion experts and stylists. As thought leaders in the fashion and lifestyle arena, we consistently wove words that seamlessly blend with the brand's essence. #CraftingEloquentNarratives


The prominence of mobile apps has evolved into a central focus for numerous brands. When our client encountered a decline in app downloads amidst the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, it became imperative to chart a course towards recovery. Rising to the occasion, we embarked on a comprehensive analysis of the issue and undertook the challenge of reinvigorating app downloads.

Our approach was marked by innovative and dynamic mediums, including comic strips, WhatsApp content, and infographics, specifically tailored for targeted communication. The outcome was nothing short of remarkable, as we witnessed a substantial upsurge in user interactions and heightened activity on the app. This success underscores our commitment to creative solutions and leadership in the realm of digital engagement. #ElevatingDigitalExperiences

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Tigon Logo-01.png

In our collaboration with the automobile security brand, our focus was on elevating brand awareness and expanding organic reach through the creation of unique, content-rich social media materials and blog articles. Notably, when Tigon introduced its debut product, 'TigonOne,' in the digital realm, we assumed responsibility for their Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts, harnessing our proficiency in SEO content services.


This strategic approach led to a substantial increase in positive engagement and traction on social media platforms, underscoring our position as thought leaders in the realm of digital marketing and brand promotion. #MasteringDigitalEngagement

Reliance Home Finance Logo-01.png

In our strategic alliance with a prominent housing finance leader, our objective was to effect profound and impactful change. This collaboration entailed the development and dissemination of thought leadership articles intended for senior management, along with the creation of diverse internal communications originating from the CEO's office.

Additionally, we orchestrated a series of online campaigns, internal communication initiatives, and sales campaigns, complemented by the strategic use of infographics. Our concerted efforts yielded tangible and quantifiable outcomes, firmly reinforcing our dedication to delivering measurable success for the brand. #DedicationToExcellence


Our recent entry into the agriculture industry was marked by a strategic collaboration with ThinkAg, a leading agro-tech brand. This partnership was forged with the intent of assisting them in achieving their marketing objectives, and we continue to be resolute in ensuring its successful execution.

Our team of creative experts embarked on a journey to craft promotional content for their collaborative webinars, enhancing their video branding, and aligning content strategies for both Twitter and LinkedIn platforms. The outcome has not only deepened our comprehension of the agricultural sector but also ignited a collective passion and commitment to driving thought leadership in this domain. #PioneeringInAgroTech


Firework, the pioneer in the realm of livestream commerce, embarked on a quest to elevate its lead generation content strategy, and it found its ally in us. Recognised for our innovative ideas and strategic acumen, we undertook the task of creating resources that not only fortified their sales funnel but also triggered a chain reaction of positive outcomes.

Our role extended far beyond content creation, as we assumed the responsibility of amplifying these resources through video marketing. Our strategic approach served as a guiding light, illuminating the path to a wider audience reach and, in turn, fostering their lead-generation efforts. #LeadingTheWay


In our journey through diverse sectors including BFSI, Technology, Healthcare, and Lifestyle, we further ventured into the realm of agriculture. AgriOrigin, an emerging brand, harnesses technology and science-based innovation to pave the way for the future of agriculture. Our mission was to curate website content that would showcase their presence as a formidable brand, specifically tailored for their discerning B2B audience. Our commitment to excellence shone through as we successfully accomplished this task, underscoring our dedication to leading in every domain we step into. #PioneeringInAgribusiness


Our team of engineers-turned-writers was truly excited when we encountered a brand specialising in electro-mechanical solutions. This brand was in pursuit of a targeted strategy to connect with its discerning B2B audience, and we identified the ideal solution in the form of insightful blogs.

The series of blogs we meticulously crafted served as a vehicle to promote not only their products and services but also their eco-friendly alternative solutions. This strategic approach underscored our commitment to fostering thought leadership and, in turn, powering the success of our valued client. #EnergisingInnovation


When we transcend the traditional client relationship with our esteemed partners based in the United States; we stand as their trusted confidants and allies. Collaborating closely with them, we embarked on a profound exploration of international celebrities and notable figures, delving into their lives to extract invaluable insights.

These insights became the foundation for our engaging press articles and blogs, driven by influencer and celebrity interviews. Our exceptional ability to articulate content not only met but exceeded their expectations, further solidifying our already strong and enduring partnership. #GlobalConnections


In the dynamic landscape of life insurance, Bharti AXA Life stands out as a brand embracing innovation and strategic internal communication. Our collaboration with this pillar of the BFSI industry involved the creation of a diverse array of content for their product launches, spanning emailers, posters, banners, standees, WhatsApp creatives, video scripts, and other pivotal internal communication assets. Fostering a culture of creativity, we conceptualised compelling campaigns such as 'Renew Kiya Kya?' and 'Stay Home Stay Safe & Go Digital,' earning notable acclaim.

Beyond these impactful campaigns, our team devised a comprehensive marketing strategy for the Unnati Product Launch and GWP product launch, achieving noteworthy results in the process. The #Impact of our collaboration reverberates in the successful execution of these initiatives, establishing Bharti AXA Life as a trailblazer in the industry. #ImprovingImpact

ingenico Logo.png

Embarking on a journey through the realm of digital payments? Pose your queries to Ingenico on Quora, and our team guarantees comprehensive answers to enlighten your path. Beyond addressing questions on Quora, our collaboration extended to crafting enlightening SEO articles. Post their acquisition by Worldline, our partnership not only endured but thrived, as our team assumed the mantle of creating authored articles, product page blogs, and informative product-based infographics.

This symbiotic effort transcended mere content creation; it was a strategic initiative to magnify the brand's influence and showcase its innovative products to a broader audience. Join us in the narrative of #CraftingSuccess as we contribute to Ingenico's journey in digital payments, bridging knowledge and expertise for a more informed community. #CraftingSuccess

Media One.jpg

Navigating across diverse time zones, our collaborative pursuits extend to a dynamic Singapore-based digital marketing agency. Embracing the role of their extended content partners, we delved into the intricacies of crafting specialised, digital marketing-centric listicles and meticulously researched SEO articles. Together, we embark on a journey that transcends conventional content creation, unlocking new realms of possibilities and setting a precedent for thought leadership in the ever-evolving landscape of digital marketing.


MindU Health.jpg

Mental Health has consistently held a place of sensitivity and reverence within our ethos. As an agency that places due importance on mental health breaks, a unique opportunity presented itself, seamlessly aligning with our overarching vision. The brand in question aspired to position its platform as a sanctuary for open dialogues with mental health professionals, prompting our suggestion of a strategic blog approach. Harnessing our collective convictions, extensive research, and insights, we seamlessly integrated them with the brand's profound expertise to craft blog content that transcended mere words on a page. These blogs evolved into catalysts, sparking meaningful conversations across a diverse spectrum of audiences and establishing the brand as a thought leader in the realm of mental health.


In our strategic collaboration with a distinguished brand in the BFSI industry, our mission was to champion their distributor network app. Immerse ourselves in a comprehensive exploration of the app's features, we meticulously translated their invaluable insights into compelling social media content, emails, and videos precisely tailored for the app's primary audience – the distributors. Our overarching objective transcended mere promotion; rather, it aimed to establish a profound connection with the brand on a personal level, thereby elevating the brand's outreach to new dimensions. This concerted effort stands as a testament to our commitment to thought leadership, leveraging strategic content to not only communicate features but to foster meaningful engagement within the distributor community.


The endless hours spent on exhausting research. We’ve all been there, right? Ideaboarding resolves this issue with a revolutionary solution that simplifies the research process. With a brand as innovative as Ideaboarding, we had to step out of the box and think differently. We filtered our ideas down to our regular social media content and mixed it with our experimental plan - storyboards to promote their brand, processes, and services. 

In the quest for knowledge, we've all encountered the exhaustive hours dedicated to research. Ideaboarding emerges as a revolutionary solution, streamlining and simplifying this intricate process. Tasked with promoting a brand as innovative as Ideaboarding, our approach demanded a departure from the conventional.

Our ideation journey distilled a fusion of innovative concepts into our routine social media content, intertwined with an experimental blueprint: storyboards meticulously crafted to amplify their brand narrative, elucidate their processes, and illuminate their services. This strategic collaboration epitomises our commitment to thought leadership, challenging conventional norms to cultivate an impactful and distinctive presence for Ideaboarding in the realm of innovative solutions. #IdeateSmart

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The realm of real estate has perpetually fascinated us since our collaboration with the House Of Hiranandani, and when a strategic alliance with Lodha approached us, we welcomed it with excited minds. Their vision was to extend the horizons of their influence and legacy within the commercial builder domain. In pursuit of this lofty goal, our focus shifted towards crafting a diverse range of compelling content formats. This included thought-leadership blogs and insightful infographics strategically disseminated on LinkedIn. Our target audience encompassed CXOs, Partners, and Senior Management from various industries, forming a discerning audience keenly following Lodha's activities on the platform.

This collaborative effort was not merely about expanding reach but about asserting thought leadership within the commercial builder space, positioning Lodha as a beacon of innovation and expertise in the dynamic landscape of real estate.



Embarking on a dynamic venture with one of India's foremost housing finance companies, our collaborative journey entailed a captivating transformation of the brand's voice. At the heart of our efforts were campaigns meticulously crafted to strike a harmonious balance between entertainment and emotion, thereby illuminating the brand's core message, products, and ancillary services. Across an array of content formats, including updates, posts, GIFs, and videos, we strategically disseminated this compelling narrative on their social media platforms—LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

This strategic initiative not only showcased our adeptness in content creation but also exemplified a thought leadership approach, articulating a nuanced narrative that transcends traditional communication, positioning the housing finance company as a leader with a distinct and resonant voice in the industry. #HousingWithCare

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MindTickle, a frontrunner in the Data-Driven Sales Enablement and readiness Platform domain, sought our collaboration, allowing us to showcase our design calibre and expertise. At the core of their objective is the creation of visually captivating design assets tailored for diverse digital platforms and activities orchestrated by the brand's astute marketing team. Our proficiency in design not only meets but exceeds expectations, giving rise to interactive and nuanced designs that serve to amplify their overarching vision and targeting strategies.

In assuming the role of design experts, our voice resonates as an authoritative force, positioning us as essential contributors on equal footing. This collaborative synergy not only streamlines our efficiency but significantly enhances effectiveness, establishing a robust foundation for our partnership with MindTickle as leaders in the design landscape.


As a brand distinguished in the realms of IT and career training, our undertaking involved the nuanced challenge of articulating their visionary pursuits, notable experiences, and commendable achievements. In assuming the role of their content partners, we committed ourselves to the meticulous curation of high-calibre website content. Delving extensively into their pre-existing blogs, landing pages, and course curriculums, we embarked on a transformative journey to reshape the content.

Our objective was to craft communication points that transcended conventional narratives, resonating profoundly with their target audience. Through this strategic content refinement, we not only expanded their reach but also cultivated a deeper connection and heightened trust within their audience base, exponentially amplifying their influence in the dynamic landscape of IT and career training. #QualitativeLearnings

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Another frontrunner in the BFSI industry, TATA AIG focuses on selling cars, bikes, health, and travel insurance. While the brand has strong credibility, it was looking for someone to improve its customer communications. That’s where we walked in, with our decades of experience with BFSI brands and creative insights, aiding them in redesigning the policy wording documents. Further, we helped the brand revamp its SMS, WhatsApp and Email communication to strengthen effective results.

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In association with the Dubai-based financial service providers, we developed a strategic vision to instigate a creative opening within the finance sector. This particular brand stands as a beacon for investments and trading across a diverse spectrum of financial instruments, including currencies, indices, shares, commodities, treasuries, ETFs, and exchange-traded derivatives. Our strategic roadmap was aimed at conducting a transformation in their communication approach.

Initiating this evolution, we inaugurated an internal campaign, named 'Humans Of Century Financials,' with the primary objective of fostering engagement among the internal team, irrespective of their roles within the organisation. Simultaneously, for the external audience, we endeavoured to dispel the perceived monotony and misinformation often associated with financial services through the creation of SEO blogs. Our work encapsulated not just a campaign hashtag but a testament to our commitment to infusing vitality and a touch of innovation into the finance landscape, thereby positioning our clients as thought leaders in the industry. #FunWithFinance


In the pursuit of launching an upcoming real estate project, our imperative was to forge a compelling brand image, both online and offline—an objective seamlessly realised through our strategic collaboration. Our approach was anchored in the development of a nuanced content plan designed to resonate with every facet of the target audience. By leveraging the robust pillars of social media and emailers, we laid a comprehensive foundation. Beyond the digital realm, our commitment extended to crafting offline content, including creatively curated brochures, pamphlets, welcome kits, and impactful hoardings dedicated to elevating the brand's presence and influencing the real estate landscape with a visionary touch. #ReachingNewHeights

As a brand specialising in IT and career training, the challenge of attesting to the vision, experiences, and achievements of their organisation was a crucial requirement for ZOC Technologies. Our answer to enhance their website with high quality was deemed the right direction, which led us to be their content partner in crafting insightful website content. Our efforts started with digging into their existing blogs, landing pages, and course curriculums and then reshaping them to craft varied points of communication that reach and connect with the audience's point of interest, thus amplifying their reach and trust exponentially.

A brand's identity is intricately woven with its work, values, and vision, and at the heart of this narrative is its leader. This is the essence of our collaboration with Pixis. The objective is to amplify the existing leadership content for Neel Pandya, the CEO of EMEA and JAPAC at Pixis, with a keen focus on crafting content that authentically mirrors his persona. Our ambition is to establish a unique intellectual property asset and a platform-centric structure for Neel, providing a showcase for his profound expertise and knowledge.

In our creative process, we seamlessly marry the principles of content marketing with the art of leadership communication, delving into topical content and industry trends. The content reflects Neel's leadership style and delves into technical realms such as codeless AI infrastructures and creative AI models. This collaborative endeavour fortifies our skills in effectively managing, creating, and strategising for corporate leaders and also contributes to the elevation of Neel Pandya's thought leadership profile.

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When Streamlyn, a programmatic monetization service provider, found itself navigating the challenges of establishing expertise in a fiercely competitive market, it sought our expertise. Our collaborative efforts encompassed the strategic formulation of an SEO-rich content creation plan, designed to not only enhance website traffic but also solidify their brand authority. We consistently generate value-centric SEO content, a testament to our commitment to elevating their search engine rankings, bolstering online visibility, and generating valuable leads that align with their industry leadership aspirations. #OptimisingVisibility

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Collaborating with a trailblazing figure in the kitchen sink industry, we embarked on a transformative journey to extend beyond traditional offline sales and elevate their digital footprint. Our strategic initiative involved the introduction of the brand across three distinct social media platforms. The entire social media strategy was meticulously crafted to mirror the brand's rich legacy, unparalleled expertise, and unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. In support of this vision, our dedicated team conceptualised and delivered approximately 100 social media posts, complemented by a trove of thoughtfully curated emailers and blogs tailored to both their B2B and B2C audiences. The project stands as a testament to our innovative approach to seamlessly integrating creativity and strategic vision to propel our partner's digital presence to new heights. #SinkingWithCreativity

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The consultancy firm excelling in elevating business performance extends its prowess to revenue optimisation, heightened profitability, efficient cash flow and working capital management, and the meticulous assessment of enterprise valuations for fellow businesses. Over the past year, we have been dedicatedly crafting thought leadership content on LinkedIn for their visionary founder and CEO, Deepak Narayanan. Our directive encompasses a spectrum of content formats, including articles, static posts, carousel posts, and textual posts, all meticulously aligned with the leader's profound insights, expertise, and distinctive tonality.

When chalking out ways to magnify the leader’s marketing strategy, we knew an exclusive Podcast was the path to follow. Since its initiation, the podcast Bizdom has collected over 100 views with just 3 episodes. This collaborative effort is a testament to our commitment to amplifying industry expertise, providing a platform for Deepak Narayanan to share his visionary perspectives and contribute significantly to thought leadership in the business consultancy realm. #LeveragingLeadership

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The UAE-based savings app is on a mission to transform the notion of finance from intricate to delightful. Aligning with this visionary goal, the brand has innovatively introduced savings rules and rewards, designed to infuse joy into every hard-earned Dirham saved by consumers. In their pursuit of disseminating the ethos of joyful savings, they sought a partnership with us.

At the forefront of this collaboration, we conceptualise compelling strategies and craft content for social media marketing, strategically disseminating these messages across prominent platforms such as Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter. This strategic partnership not only underscores our commitment to thought leadership but also positions the brand as a pioneer in reshaping the narrative around financial engagement. #TransformativeFinanceJourney

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Establishing and maintaining consistency is the pillar of successful marketing, a principle we diligently uphold for Kotak Mahindra Bank. Positioned as their steadfast strategy and content partners, we play a pivotal role in conceptualising diverse launches and campaigns. Our creative prowess extends to the crafting of various communication channels, including e-mailers, SMS, push notifications, WhatsApp banners, digital banners, and WhatsApp posts.

Our approach mirrors the distinctive tonality that we had initially strategically devised for Kotak General Insurance – one marked by quirkiness, wit, and relatability. This unwavering commitment to a consistent and compelling brand voice not only reinforces Kotak Mahindra Bank's market presence but also positions them as thought leaders in the financial landscape. #SettingTheStandardInConsistency


In our latest undertaking, we've joined forces with Quiklyz, a pioneer brand that is redefining car ownership through subscription plans with a minimum tenure of 2 years. Yes, you read that correctly - the novel concept of owning a car by opting for an extended rental period. Recognizing the innovative essence of the brand, we were compelled to chart a distinct course, and that led us to Quora.

Immersing ourselves in the automotive industry's presence on Quora, we meticulously devised a strategic roadmap for Quiklyz to shine on this unique platform. Moreover, we took the initiative to elevate Quiklyz's responses with visually captivating content, introducing the dynamic realm of infographics. This approach not only signifies our creative drive but also positions Quiklyz as a thought leader within the evolving landscape of automobile solutions. #InnovativeJourney


In the initial stages, we strategically embraced the product launch approach as the focal point of our social content strategy.

Our secret weapon? A potent blend of designs meticulously crafted to evoke curiosity, setting the stage for a groundbreaking on-ground launch. This approach reflects our commitment to pioneering diversity in the marketing landscape, as we position our client as a thought leader in the burgeoning Electric Vehicle industry.



One of the most recent participants in the race of financial evolution is Pepper Money, a consumer finance brand, that distinguishes itself through personalised assistance, exclusive offers, and irresistible discounts. Hailing from the BFSI fraternity, the brand presented us with a unique opportunity to shape its vision and bring it to life through content. We started by crafting its content and design guidelines, an integral step to ensure consistent and strong brand communication. Based on the guidelines we created its app content, and designed its brochures and user manuals that aimed to spread the word about the brand. #MintingContent

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In this dynamic collaboration, we took charge of internal communication for a transformative workshop hosted by Tata Communications Ltd., embarking on an exhilarating journey spanning a dynamic three-month period. Our objective was to kindle awareness and foster active employee participation, achieved through a diverse array of meticulously crafted content pieces.

From engaging posters and insightful infographics to certificates of achievement, informative newsletters, thought-provoking workbooks, captivating videos, and a strategically orchestrated internal portal campaign – each element contributed to the creation of an immersive and impactful communication experience. This initiative not only reinforced our commitment to fostering effective communication but also showcased our prowess in orchestrating thought leadership within organisational contexts. #NavigatingCommunicationExcellence

Awards & Recognition

All our endeavours have been driven by hard work, the zeal to set new standards, and our clients’ trust in us. Every time our work is recognised, it is not us alone, but each party involved with the brand.

Awards & Recognition

In 2021, Yellow Seed was awarded Gold in the category Best use of Social Media Brand - Platforms (Quora) in SAMMIES 2020 by Social Samosa.

In 2019, we bagged Silver for Excellence in Content at the 9th Public Relations Council of India Awards for excellence by Agencies

In 2017, we were recognised as the Best Content Agency at the National Digital marketing Conference & Awards, 2017, powered by CMO Asia.

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