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A Health Brand's New Routine

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What kind of content should a health brand be marketing in the digital space? How can a healthcare brand ensure that it captures optimum attention? Why is speaking the millennial language becoming essential for a health brand in the digital space? These are some of the millions of questions that pop in a marketer's mind when he/she is planning to introduce a health brand to social media. If you too have faced such a situation, read on to untie the knots of questions in your mind.

Let's begin with the basics. First off, when we say health brands, it is not just restricted to pharmaceutical brands, but also includes, clinics/hospital chains as well as brands selling health insurance, or health awareness brands. Any brand that provides us with health related services or products fall under this category.

Your aim is to establish a brand presence online and increase its visibility. Being on the internet may also involve supporting e-commerce. To achieve the above mentioned tasks, there are various traditional ways that you can, and have been implementing on the internet, like social media accounts, informative and attractive websites, e-mailers, mobile notifications, advertisements etc. While these have shown positive responses for your brand, there's a little more that needs to be done for some extra mileage to your online presence.

Let the experts speak

When it comes to our health, we trust the experts and specialists more than anyone. The millennial consumers have the internet at their beck and call, which gives them all the information they need. To increase your visibility, you have to aim to be the first to answer their call with not just the appropriate, but also verified information. This verification can be done by an expert, a doctor or even a certified consumer with a first-hand experience to testify. This builds trust between you and your consumer and helps you top their suggestions list. Pediasure, a health and wellness brand for babies and growing children is advertised as a ‘doctors' assured’ brand. Be it their television commercials or social media posts, they always promote the term 'clinically proven'. Another brand certified by experts is Himalaya wellness, that promotes the benefits of Ayurveda with its products and has even laid down their research on the website.

Do it yourself- and let them follow

The consumers of the current era don't need a lockdown to resort to DIYs. Trying out home remedies after consulting the internet has been in trend for long. These DIYs could be of numerous things ranging from skincare, hair care, fitness regimes, weight loss routines, healthy eating, healthy lifestyle habits etc. Brands like Sebamed USA have been promoting DIY skin exfoliators made using their products which besides selling their products, makes their consumers rely on them.

Quick recipes to the rescue

In this generation, everyone is part of the rat race, and complementing their fast lifestyle, they want their solutions to be quick as well. With the fast pace taking over their peace, maintaining one's health has become one of the biggest concerns today. People don't have time to maintain an exercise routine, and need something extra. Solution? Quick homemade recipes. Fitness brands have built content around homemade recipes that claim to be beneficial for our body. The best part of these recipes is their convenience. Healthy honey based recipes by Dabur is one of the best examples of quick recipes to cook yourselves and stay fit, while falling for the brand's promotional attempt.

The Lazy Hack

Lazy, the keyword here, is our current backstabbing best friend. It envelopes us in its embrace with love and prevents us from staying healthy and being productive. To beat laziness at its own game, the health and wellness brand Ritual has introduced prescribed medication courses for women based on their ages. All you need to do is get a suitable course and remember to take the pills. The key here is to understand your consumers' lifestyle and draft a course accordingly.

Indulge, Don't Just Inform

The traditional idea of a health and wellness brand is to be informative and educative. Well, it's time to move on, or should we say further ahead. This generation wants their health brands to understand them, their lives and participate in their lives. To be their priority as brands, you must know their pulse and craft your solutions accordingly. You could take inspiration from Johnson & Johnson's 'nurses change lives' campaign, an emotional, awareness generating take on the roles played by nurses around the world. Another way of indulging with your audience is like TATA AIA's 'Daddy and Zooey' campaign focusing on diverse relationships and how one should work towards securing those in the future.

The new routine of health brands today is to adapt to the current generation's lifestyle and establish its online presence surrounding it. As a marketer, your challenge now is to figure out what your target audience needs and present them with the same, in an innovative manner, while keeping your brand image and personality intact.


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