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A Guide To B2B Content Marketing

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Who is B2B audience?

The part of the audience who reads business specific content with the intent to better their businesses, is the business-to-business (B2B) audience. B2B communication does not target an individual, but brands that may be interested in deriving profits from the content. These audiences are the experts in their field and can only be attracted by content that ads to their knowledge and provides actionable suggestion.

Content marketing for the B2B audience

The B2B marketplace is crowded and competitive. To be able to cut through the clutter and reach out to your audience is not easy. How then, do you ensure that you stay in the race and be one of the best? The answer lies in targeted content marketing. Any branded content directed towards attracting personal business is part of B2B content marketing.

Here are some business strategies that you can include in your B2B communications:

Begin with identifying your audience - Every kind of strategizing begins with targeting the right audience. Study the demographics, profession and interests, and define your business audience’s persona.

Promote user generated content - The best way to talk about your brand is by letting your consumers do the talking while you step backstage. These are more authentic and hence add more weight to your presentation.

Be open to content collaborations - Once a business likes your content, they may approach you and offer opportunities to cross-promote content, wherein both parties can leverage each other’s audience base and grow their own reach.

Create multi-layered content - B2B audiences are generally up-to-date with market trends. In order to gain their attention, your content must be well-planned and layered, with concepts, images, videos, audios, and messages. Serve them more evolved versions of what they are accustomed to.

Provide solutions - Targeting prevailing problems and questions of the industry may be a wise strategy but providing feasible solutions will get you better reach. You can create exclusive content pieces with them, positioning yourself as an expert solution provider in the field.

Mind the metrics - Reading, analysing and applying insights shall always help you stay a step ahead. Once you know which parts of your strategy is being accepted the most, you can leverage that, and improve others simultaneously with the help of Content Amplification.

Advertise yourself - Besides creating and showcasing your content, you must also indulge in paid advertisements. This will give you a wider reach and help you grow you as a business.

Content marketing methods for B2B audiences

Enlisted here are some methods that appeal to the B2B audience:

Email Marketing

If lead generation is your aim, email marketing is your go-to weapon. Create newsletters with click-bait content and slide into your audiences’ inbox. To know more on how to nail the perfect email marketing content, read Spam Them With Good Content.

● Blogging

Sharing your views, knowledge and acquired insights as blogs is a great way of showcasing your expertise. This gives the business a sense of authority, given your knowledge and allows other businesses looking for solutions to confide in you.

Social Media

Indeed, social media is a B2C marketing dominated space but when you strategize right, you shall be flooding with requests for collaborations even from your B2B audience. The key here lies in keeping your content B2B audience specific, such that they connect with you to share your expertise to improve their social media presence.

Application of the above shall give you a perspective on who your B2B audience is, how to engage with them, how to put your brand messaging across effectively, and grow your business in the process.


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