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The Perks Of Content Amplification

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Content amplification is a strategy that helps you share the best of your content with relevant audiences. This drives conversations and interactions around your brand which can help build goodwill and improve sales.

What is good content?

When you have spent a ton of time creating content for your audience, you want it to get the desired response. So, you will have to spread the word about your content in a way that it reaches relevant people. Think of this as a game of Chinese whisper but better curated. If your content is good and adds value for your audience, they are likely to share it forward, and you get perks like brand awareness, leads, engagement and conversions. Content becomes good when it benefits both the creator and the audience.

Why is amplifying content a good strategy?

When you have a large audience pool but comparatively less people interacting with your content, it means that the content is not reaching the people who can benefit from it. Understandably, reaching out to a huge audience base can be cost intensive. So, try targeting smaller groups with relevant content that will resonate with them.

How to amplify your content?

There are a few steps you can take for better reach:

Amplify the best content - Select content that is getting more traction to create your marketing funnel. Offer something of value to your viewer like a tip, advice, a useful service, learning or entertainment. Avoid selling as it will not offer something to your viewer and could be ignored as spam. People like to share things they themselves find useful. Moreover, if you are able to provide quality entertainment to your audience, they are more likely to follow you and interact with your content.

For example: Udemy’s sponsored ads feature their courses as a way to learn and grow. They don’t mention “take a course”, they say, “Learn something new.” This adds value for the reader, presenting an opportunity to learn something rather than buying a course.

Remarketing on Google Adwords - You can show ads to the people who have already engaged with your content to build trust. These targeted ads help derive leads and aid conversions. With Google, you can manually select the audience segments, including demographics and recent searches, to find the target audience for your content.

Do you remember searching for ‘online pizza order’ and ending up getting stalked by a certain pizza delivery ad for the whole day? This is what Google does automatically; it shows you the content that you are already looking for to make your buying decisions quicker and easier.

Facebook ads - Facebook ads are a cost effective way to market your products. Using its targeted marketing features, you can narrow down your search for relevant audience. Facebook also enables advertising on Instagram without repeating the same procedure again. Hence, it is good for small businesses as well, because it saves cost and time.

Twitter promotions - Twitter is the hub for content to go viral and consciously promoted posts can give you good results. Moreover, you have the option to pay only when your target is achieved. For example, if your objective is to get more retweets, you will pay per retweet for the promotion. Organic reach is a bonus in this case. Also with features like keywords, the process of finding the right audience becomes better with Twitter.

Get influencers on board - People trust people more than the brand. Hence, any message or review shared by a fellow user is always impactful and trustworthy. Along with this, influencers have goodwill and credibility, and that is more likely to convince people to try your product or service. To find the right influencers, you can search the respective social media platforms or use tools like Followerwonk. Influencers also come with their set of insights that can help you grow your business by reaching your target audience.

The hashtag #influencers has more than 30 lakh posts on Instagram which shows that there are many micro influencers who can expand your brand’s reach. You just have to choose the influencers who cater to your brand’s audience.

Be a part of niche communities - Facebook and LinkedIn are well known for their niche groups. These groups contain people who are genuinely interested in a topic and can prove to be warm leads. Keep posting your content in the communities and also engage with the content that other people are posting to make a name for your brand.

Use personal channels - The goodwill you have gathered as a professional individual can also help your business grow. Foster a relationship of value with your influencer network and audience. Share your work with your peers and acquaintances because word of mouth is still the best advertisement.

Here’s an example of how Spotify is redirecting users to their Instagram for more reach:

To sum things up

Content amplification can help your post reach your audience and help you achieve your target. Modern consumers are very active on digital platforms and therefore, it would make sense for you to focus on digital marketing and content marketing. However, one aspect is critical – your content should be outstanding. Always follow the principle of 7:3 for value and selling. Don’t spam your audience; offer something that they will always remember and you will get the desired response for your efforts. Marketing your content is more than just selecting an audience and a platform to share your content. It’s about developing a relationship with your audience, influencers, employees and everyone related to your business.

In your journey to become a revered brand, you can use the support of an expert partner to create useful content and reach the right audience. Explore our services to see how content marketing can help your reach grow.


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