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The Quaint District Called Quora

Far away from the hustle and bustle, on the outskirts of Content Town lay the village of Quora. A region marked by uncanny aloofness and rural tranquillity, this was a place unlike any other. One day, when one of Informative’s closest ministers was returning home from a distant city, he decided to spend the night at a nearby village as he was tired from the travel. When he arrived, he could not believe how big and sprawling the place was! The next day, he stepped out of his room to study the daytime activities of the region only to realise that the look of it was nothing like he remembered seeing the previous night, as it was now teeming with people! The minister immediately realised the possibilities this region could offer, and was at once ready to ride back and report this great find to his superior. He fetched his horse, bundled up his supplies and was ready to depart. At the district’s border, the minister looked at a tall sign board that read “Welcome to Quora”. With a grin on his face, he rode off…

Many successful businesses have ventured into the jungle of marketing in search of new profitable domains only to return to base dejectedly. This dissatisfactory result isn’t because of a firm’s inability to explore the various available options but because of that domain’s operational limitations for certain types of businesses. So the question that big marketing companies are asking now is if there is an ideal online platform that could serve specific growth needs. The answer is a loud YES, and the platform in question is none other than Quora. With over ten years of existence, more than 400,000 topics being spoken on, and about 300 million monthly users visiting at any given time, the question of Quora’s omniscience is hardly up to debate. This is why it wasn’t at all a surprise when firms like IBM Blockchain and HealthifyMe found themselves resorting to Quora for engagement since here one can interact with audiences and spread awareness for practically no cost at all!

Quora is essentially an information-sharing platform, with a question-and-answer model where users can ask or reply to all kinds of questions. Like Reddit, Quora has an upvoting mechanism based on credits. The more people upvote your answer, the greater visibility it gets. For content marketers and creators, in particular, Quora can be beneficial in publishing informative content, targeting questions to specific users and identifying keywords related to your business. It is both an organic and paid platform.

Informative, seated in his office, was reading the daily. Just then, the minister marched in to tell him that he had discovered an isolated but strategically located village called Quora in the hinterland where they could set up new operations and profit from it. A large area, acres of unused land and a sizable workforce were the key factors. Informative posed the question of profitability, and to that, the minister replied that in Quora, the success of a business relied solely on word of mouth. He explained that the more views and comments a venture gets, the better its chances of gaining traction will be. He also pointed out that addressing the various problems faced by the locals would lead them to win their favour.

Quora is at its strongest in creating organic awareness on specific topics. However, it is at its most effective in terms of reach. A brand contemplating its decision to create a marketing strategy centred on Quora need only consider its “reach factor” more than anything else. The sheer potential for brand reach and awareness that this platform offers is unparalleled. Alongside, it also boasts a broad range of search visibility. Did you know that posting answers on Quora can lead to a higher search engine ranking on Google? The best way to increase your brand’s online visibility by a significant margin is by addressing a trending or relevant topic. By answering questions concisely and consistently, you can go on to attract a large group of readers. So if you’re a start-up firm outlining a strategy exclusively for Quora, all you’d have to ensure is that your audience knows you exist - and how do you do that? Well, by understanding their problems and sharing your knowledge in an attempt to help them. Addressing real-life issues faced by real people will help you find goodwill with your audience.

Hence, businesses must realise that Quora is not just any ordinary social media platform. It is a sacred space built with the sole intention of sharing information and helping others out. If a business can join this selfless movement with the honest motive of helping users while still promoting their cause, then the possibilities of growth for that business are endless.

Just as the minister finished listing all the points, Informative sprang up, congratulated his faithful associate on a most excellent discovery, and called for a meeting of state officials and industrialists of Content Town. All high-ranking members of the government were present except for Entertainment and his council. At once, Informative declared that his regime would march into Quora and set up large-scale operations. It was apparent that he had a rock-solid plan to earn him the profits that would put him and his people comfortably ahead of his rival’s administration. But what he did not know about were the opportunities for amusement that Quora had to offer. What worried him yet was Entertainment’s deliberate silence in the matter. Could it be that Entertainment is packing something big and is simply waiting for the right opportunity to announce it?

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