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The Thrilling Adventures Of Trendy

The denizens prospered as Quirky and Podcast started steadily expanding and improving Content town with their unique and fun solutions. ‘Informative’ and ‘Entertainment’ began to contribute as well. They were learning to work and play nice, but with a little squabbling now and then. What’s life without a little drama right? But at the end of the day, their town came first. Their adventures became popular far and wide. The news of their prosperity reached a particular someone’s ears named ‘Trendy’. She wasn’t unheard of, most definitely. People were aware but wary of her presence. That being said, she knew well what allures people.

By now we have seen numerous trends on our social media feeds and have even hopped on a trend wagon ourselves, either out of curiosity, for fun or under peer pressure. Content creators that start trends have one thing in common, i.e., what they create is an attractive gesture or idea that can be easily replicated for different ideas.

Before going further, let’s understand what a 'trend' is. states, “A trend simply reflects what seems to be going around at any given time. A trend can be in any area and doesn't only reflect fashion, pop culture and entertainment”. Content creators know the power of a trend; its ability to be informative or entertaining! Trends can also be a way to advertise or raise awareness. That is why even content strategists are trying to weave this step into their planners.

From a trendy TikTok video of coordinated dance moves syncing up with a catchy song to a company making a podcast because it’s become a popular way to reach their audience, trends can be adapted in varied forms even for diverse industries. According to Smart Business Box, business trends like work-from-home opportunity, digital transformation, online education, and new tech adoption are on the rise in India, not just as an activity, but also as a topic of content creation. Another example is the trends in the content marketing world. For digital viewers, trends are entertaining and fun to participate in. As for content strategists, it can be a smart move to improve their customer engagement.

Once Trendy arrived at Content Town, she wasted no time in meeting up with the other four popular figures of the town, who were currently busy coming up with new projects. From the moment Trendy stepped in, she started bowling the four with her ideas. Quirky seemed the most excited, while Podcast and Entertainment soaked all the new knowledge. Meanwhile, Informative sat silently, feeling left out, thinking Trendy could not help him earn more consumer currency in exchange for content. In the end, the four of them admitted that most of her ideas were different and reasonable, except for a few. Trendy was still new and foreign to the unique districts that make up the town. Her language and certain mannerisms, she realised, would not be suitable for everyone.

While trends may not be foreign to us, the mannerism and meanings of some trends are not the right fit for every brand. For example, a viral YouTube trend may not interest Instagram viewers. However, to jump on the bandwagon audiences do replicate them on other platforms but often with a slightly different treatment. Similarly, trends that are relatable and nostalgic to an American audience who grew up in the 90s might not make sense to an Indian audience from the 90s. Content creators of various fields need to pick which trend suits their brand, target audience, and brand tone the most before jumping on a viral trend bandwagon.

Trendy was ready to adapt to different changes, which is why she is willing to learn from the adventures of Quirky, Podcast, Entertainment and Informative. She was excited to contribute to their projects which could become popular in an instant and achieve their goals at the same time. To work she went! She started learning from scratch about what districts are there, the statistics of their consumer currency and possibilities in Content Town. She also learned about where and when she can make an entrance with her attractive projects.

Will Trendy stay in town longer or leave on short notice? Will she keep visiting every now and then? If so, it’ll sure be with a new surprise every time. After all, she is spontaneous and unpredictable. Content Town is getting, even more, livelier than ever.



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