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How Can Brands Use Instagram and Twitter for Marketing

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With around 3.8 Billion active daily users, social media has proven to be the central hub for netizens. Therefore, in an era of Instagram, Tik-Tok and Twitter, brands must focus on social presence. Brand building and marketing on social platforms not only gives businesses a voice, but also a human touch and credibility. In a time where the audience is invested in knowing more about brand journeys, you need to share information and stand out as well. With changes in social media marketing, number of followers is not the only parameter to target; you should also focus on engagement and impact.

So, how can brands use Instagram and Twitter for marketing and ensure engagement? Let’s see.

Emphasise on your profile presentation

Be it on Twitter or Instagram, make sure your profile is updated. It will help you make a good first impression on new followers and keep your existing followers informed. Take every detail into account; be it your bio or the website link, include all possible information to give your target audience a sense of your brand’s identity. Here are some good and interesting examples of bios.

Using the platform efficiently

With an increase in the number of active users, the social media apps are doing their best to introduce interesting features to keep their audience hooked. From higher views and impressions to faster discovery time, these new features are an added advantage. With features like Reels and Fleet being introduced and promoted, brands can leverage social media marketing to keep their audience engaged, specially millennials and Gen-Z. Along with this, with the help of social media ads, these platforms give a huge chance for your content to be in the limelight easily.

For instance, in this story reveal by Samsung UK, they used Instagram Story very well, to showcase the features of their new phone. This Bandersnatch-y way of demonstrating their flagship product was so engaging that it not only garnered attention from the target country of United Kingdom, but also reached a huge demographic making their launch a huge success.

The introduction post of Fleets by Twitter India’s account is yet another interesting example of using the feature right.

The element of surprise

As a brand, proper knowledge about your target audience serves you well while planning for marketing campaigns. Create something new and interesting for your audience, using the existing features, to create impact.

KFC is one of the smartest brands in the social space. Their ‘11 herbs and spices’ Twitter campaign is a good example of how brands can improve organic engagement with a proper understanding of the basics. To execute this campaign, the brand followed only 11 people on Twitter – 5 members of the Spice Girls band and 6 random men named Herbs. In short, that was their 11 herbs and spices recipe. This innovative and simple engagement initiative showed how observant and connected followers are to a brand.

The ability to do something new can help you stand out easily and establish your brand’s identity in the long run. Therefore, it is important to consider this aspect while planning a new campaign.

The art of engagement

Being active on social media, we do, from time to time, witness the hilarious conversations or “banters” that usually happen between rival brands. These conversations make brands human and help them make their presence felt in a clever manner. On social media, brands have to be content creators first and for that, they must have a good understanding of what the audience wants and likes.

In terms of results, these witty conversations serve as engagement as it can help businesses gain quick clout, popularity and respect. Many brands also make it a point to include their followers in their conversation. For instance, Netflix India’s Instagram account has more audience centric posts that encourage their followers to interact with the brand and improve brand loyalty. Brands have to consider this aspect too.

Irrespective of the platform, consider all these things while planning your social media calendar and campaigns. Emphasise on creating quality content consistently and staying connected with your audience. It will help you achieve your goals and ensure brand awareness.


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