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Content Marketing And The Game Of Interpretation

The content that we consume is part of our personality as it influences how we think and behave. It also influences how we portray ourselves and engage with the world. Content, whether positive or negative, irrespective of the platforms or formats, leaves viewers thinking and feeling something, and affects us all on some level. The question here is- why? Is it really the content piece that has influenced our thinking, or is it the way we have interpreted it is what has driven this thought? Yes, there's a difference in the way content is created and perceived after distribution. Further in this blog, you will see how interpretation is taken into consideration when creating and marketing content.

Let’s take the Alia Bhatt-Manyavar ad for instance. In short, it’s an ad about Alia Bhatt’s character questioning the Kanyadaan Hindu wedding ritual and the ad adds a “modern” twist to it. Numerous people with their own set of views on the ad took to their choice of social media platform and here began the difference of opinion. Many were saying it was all for show and to prove a point called out the entertainment industry for not changing the way it objectifies women in Bollywood films. On the other hand, many saw it as an ad opposing Hindu traditions while others didn’t see it as much of a problem. This shows how a content’s original intention depends on the eye of the beholder and can be interpreted in various ways. It makes you wonder what the original intention of the above example was. To sell gorgeous wedding wear or to start a public discussion, or both?

When such ads are circulated, there is a visible psychological reaction like posting opinions or boycotting a brand while others may wave it off as just an advertisement. Brands and content creators need to decide how they want their content to be perceived at the early stages of content creation. To give you an idea, meme marketing is flourishing even if some don’t enjoy memes as much as others but the content’s reason is still there. However, if the content fails to deliver the intent then it’s your sign to improve the content’s quality and delivery. Successful interpretation also depends on how your target audience likes to be approached. The banking and finance industry will post niche informative content with a pinch of humour while content agencies can post educational yet entertaining content.

As content is definitely not going anywhere, here is a useful reminder to have- interpretation is open to all. A topic like “Honesty is the best policy” can have different and varying responses and perspectives. Content that is commonly considered destructive might not be so to another. As the saying goes, “One person’s trash is another’s treasure”. This doesn’t make anyone’s perspective much superior to another, just unique and their own. Each content marketer has a unique way of portraying themselves and their brand online, additionally, becoming more mindful and adaptive will gain customer trust and loyalty. It’s a given that every industry whether ad, content marketing, social media marketing, cinema, or any other form of media, is equally subjected to varied interpretations. What counts is to accommodate as many interpretations as you can to make your content successful.

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