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The Art Of Selling A Rubber Band

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

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How to sell something as basic, not so attractive but useful, as a rubber band? What strategies to apply when attracting the audience’s attention towards your product? How to be exclusive?

Statutory warning: None of the above questions will be answered in the blog below. Before you let the feeling of betrayal dig deep into your heart, here’s what we would like to discuss instead- the reason that made you click on the blog. Let us elaborate!

The title “The Art Of Selling A Rubber Band” caught your attention with the hope of learning about something unique - just what your audience expects. As content creators, we’ve learnt to explore new approaches even for the most common topics. How else will we experience new challenges and grow? Marketers too face a very similar situation in their fields. Now that we’ve convinced you about the interesting things we will be talking about, here are some practices to ace the art of selling - a rubber band or even your content.

Sell It Like It’s New

As we all know, a rubber band, pen or even a sports shoe are common selling commodities in the market. To be able to reach out to your audience, and make them believe that your product is new and different is what you should aim to succeed in. While everyone talks about the elasticity of the rubber band, you need to talk about the various things it can be used for, hence creating an image of it being a multi-use product. The impact is always based on the way you communicate about the product.

Be The Cardamom Of The Dish

Wondering why you should be something that is always thrown aside while eating? Have you ever noticed that despite being put aside, cardamom is still included in cooking? Be a necessity, be like cardamom. Market in a way that your audience begins to consider your product as a necessity. For instance, every time they buy a sports shoe, it’s your brand they prefer, because it suits their taste.

Convince With Confidence

The first step of selling something- even if it is a simple ballpoint pen, is to be convinced that it is different. The next step would be to convince your audience that is more than just another ballpoint pen. The best way to do that is to find one special feature to showcase, and strongly harp on the same. With Lays saying – ‘Bet you can’t stop at one’, we are convinced that these flavoured potato chips are so delicious that we will want more. Similarly, remember Reynolds pens? The one with Sachin Tendulkar advertising their waterproof quality? Everyone rushed to buy such an amazing pen. That’s the thing about talking about your product. Find that unique feature and confidently convince your audience to try it.

Target, Pull & Strategise

Know who you want to address. Similar to aiming at the target and shooting the arrow, you must target your right audience, pull out information to know their needs, and strategise accordingly to hit the dart board. Understand what extra they expect from a common product/service that you are offering. This is the best way to stand out and be exclusive.

The Art Of Selling A Rubber Band lies in emerging from ‘one in a million’ to ‘one in a million’ by capturing the audience’s attention with your uniqueness. The key is to showcase your product in a unique light and present it to the right audience.

Understand that marketing is more about convincing than manipulating, and it begins with convincing yourself that your product is unique. So, do you think you possess the art?

Psst! This blog was made with 💛 and created after some thought by a real person. #NoGenerativeAI



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