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A Hitchhiker’s Guide To The World Of Website Copywriting

Creating engaging copy is absolutely critical to bolstering your brand’s presence online, and that would hold true for all your communication across social media and online channels, as well as your website. This copy will help you route traffic to your website and eventually convert visitors into loyal customers. Essentially, the copy you write needs to strike a chord. Keeping your readers hooked seems like a daunting task but we are here to help you with some tips and tricks that you can follow. So, off we go to the world of website copywriting!

To start with, let’s understand why websites are essential for a brand’s growth. Websites are the only digital platforms we’ve real control over. Although social media is a part of your brand’s content marketing strategy, it is an external interface that you’re using and hence, you’ll have to play by their rules. Your website, however, is your prized possession which can get you organic traffic, prospective customers, and help you build your brand’s identity.

The aim of the web copy is to share all the relevant information about your brand/organisation, company history and culture, your product and services, differentiators and anything else that you would want to showcase. The copy is considered excellent when the reader gets relevant information in a few quick scrolls and finds the copy interesting enough to read on. While the overall layout needs to be interesting, the website copy has to be engaging as well.

So, should we stop working on a website once it’s up and running? No. You need to keep updating the information on your website. For example, consider your ‘Clients’ page or ‘Use Cases’ page — these are the pages that you have to constantly keep updating.

So, what can you do to create an excellent copy for your website? Let’s see.

Create your own brand voice

Having your own brand voice is essential. Once you’ve found your brand voice, you’ll notice the dramatic impact it has on the reader’s perception of your brand. Adidas, for example, tactically uses adjectives linked with comfort and style on their website. We love how they weave their USP in a few simple words and create mass appeal.

Use keywords to your advantage

If you want your website to be noticed on the crazy place we call the internet, you’ll need to keep Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) in mind. Try to blend in relevant keywords in your copy and allow SEO to do the rest. You’re bound to be surprised by a definite spike in the number of unique views, once your website gets indexed on popular search engines like Google and Bing.

Persuade the readers by speaking their lingo

Brands often tend to use superfluous language and while there’s no harm in doing so, a reader might not feel at home. So, keep it simple and conversational. If millennials are your target audience, you could use relevant words and terminologies, just like Buzzfeed. Their copies are extremely quirky and get devoured by millennials, including us!

Talk about benefits instead of features

The readers visiting your website are here for a reason! Register this fact before you begin crafting the copy. Make sure that you highlight the key offerings of your brand and how the customers can benefit from it. Just tell them what you have to offer and how it adds value for them. All you gotta do is sell them the pen, like Jordan Belfort!

Keep it crisp

People don’t actually read your copy; they just skim through it. A recent study suggested that our attention span is getting shorter by the day, all thanks to over-exposure to information. The modern generation of ‘skimmers’ (as we like to call them) has the attention span of a goldfish. So, keep the copy crisp and precise. Every word counts — choose your words wisely.

Become a storyteller

Readers may just move away from your website if you hard-sell. Instead, you can hold their attention with a tightly knit story about your brand. Stories can act as a great emotional connect between the reader and the brand. Airbnb encourages stories from its community of travellers on its website and a whole section is dedicated to these stories from the Airbnb community. Check it out below!

In simple words, any website is incomplete without an engaging copy. Website copywriting can be tricky but not if you follow the tips we’ve shared. So, go ahead and make your website awesome! We gotta go and update a few things on our website too. BRB!


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