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Revisiting the SEO House

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Few years back, few people set up their house in the centre of the World Wide Web and claimed to know how to run the online world. Back then, this house was filled with not many members. Once they saw some content published, each one began fulfilling their individual responsibilities. Slowly, humans understood what they liked and tried to create content to impress them. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it did not. As years passed by, the house was being overpopulated to such an extent that they had to buy a bigger house for the additional members. But somehow, not all humans were aware of these extra members and continued to impress the old ones. Obviously, this did not work in their favour, and they kept wondering about their low page rankings.


Do you have the answer?

A hint: The old characters were keywords, links, and other prominent members of the SEO team. The new house members were intent based topics, credible expertise and new trends who have taken it upon themselves to convey the message – Authentic Content is King.


The Story of The Successors

As time passed by, the team who decided the domain authority of any website realised, they need to do something more than checking the quality of the external links if they wished to guarantee the relevancy and credibility of the published content. Soon, they stepped out to recruit new people who could contribute different perspectives and that is how the E-A-T [Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness] group was formed. How does this change things? Now, you need to ensure that your content is being written by an expert in that field at least for critical sectors. For example, if you write an article on health, the probability of it getting a higher rank will occur if it is written by a healthcare professional. What more? Remember the time you spent revamping your website and giving it a well-defined structure? Well, these efforts will be rewarded better with this team. [Only if it does not take much time to upload, okay?] To ensure that you are not the only one saying good things about yourself, this new team will crawl through other trusted websites and check your mentions.


You are with us till here, right? Breathe in, breathe out. This is where the story gets interesting as you might find the key you were looking for, here!


When other members were in the evolution process, some members in the house walked in pride, assuming that they will never have to undergo any change. They believed they ran the show and others were mere puppets. Well, you know who we are talking about – KEYWORDS! To teach them a lesson, everyone tried their best to find the real show runners. After rigorous efforts, they finally found the parents of keywords and were relieved to see what happened next.


Any guesses? We think we heard you right! Yes – user intent keywords.


With the arrival of their parents, keywords understood that they will have to up their game. That means, extra work. So now you cannot put a couple of keywords and assume your work is done. The new team which is lead by user intent keywords will select you only if your content matches with the intent of the user, the relevancy of the content and not by mere keyword matching. For instance, do you know why are you crafting content about your product? Are your customers eager to learn or eager to buy? If they are eager to learn, are you telling them how and where to buy the product? See, where this is going? The parents just wanted to make sure that you know your audience well. They serve you meals, exactly the way you want them to be, right? As simple as that. Does this mean you need to abandon the content with the old keywords? No way. No parent wants that to be done to their children, right? You can repurpose your content and make it relatable to the needs of the consumer today. The keyword is – intent!

A secret: Mention your keywords in the URL. They like it that way. You do not trust us? Try and let us know!


You have a fair idea of the successions. Interested to know about the new arrivals?


Along with these successors, members who were never seen before also began to join the team. Visual content SEO, Voice search SEO, Video SEO and even mobile centric SEO! Sometimes it feels they are still trying to know each other. But there are common elements that bind them which help them to survive together – clarity, credibility, and the connecting element. They realised, no matter what changes, these basic principles will always remain the foundation of their house. And they continue to live happily.


It does not matter if you do not like meeting new people or visiting their houses. But one house you should definitely keep revisiting is this one. Get acquainted with the constantly changing members before you and your content become just another face for them!


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