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5 Campaigns That Prove Great Content Is Not Limited To Words

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What makes for a great digital marketing strategy? If you work at a content agency or PR firm, or run any part of your own business, chances are, you’ve thought of this question. Great ad campaigns these days are backed by a strong social media component, carefully-considered SEO strategy, strategic content creation and PR. To analyse this issue further, we’ve put together a list of famous digital marketing campaigns that not only marketed themselves but also created experiences and content that captivated audiences. Read on to know their secrets!

1. Swiggy - Voice of Hunger campaign

Swiggy is quite popular for its quirky and innovative social media campaigns. The one that stood out recently was the #SwiggyVoiceofHunger campaign. As we all know, last year, Instagram had launched a feature in which you could send voice notes on DM. Swiggy capitalized on this feature. Participants were invited to send Swiggy a voice note via DM wherein the shape of the soundwave they created while sending the voice note had to resemble the shape of a dish that Swiggy posted that day.

What was the outcome?

Swiggy saw an outstanding response with 1.5 lakh DMs in just 10 days! Though the campaign was focused on Instagram, it also started trending on other social media platforms.

What did they do right?

Swiggy banked on the new feature of Instagram when its competitors were stuck with traditional methods of digital marketing. The new concept amazed the audience and they started engaging in huge numbers.

2. Spotify - Diwali campaign

Spotify’s Diwali campaign featuring evergreen actor Anil Kapoor and newbie Ishaan Khattar was a big success. Since Spotify entered the Indian market in 2019, this campaign was more of an awareness campaign for them.

What was the outcome?

The campaign garnered over 50 million views on YouTube. The app downloads and website visits to Spotify increased substantially. The company was also able to create its presence in the Indian market.

What did they do right?

India being the land of festivals, Spotify hit the bull’s eye by capturing the essence of Diwali. This helped them connect with the audience across the nation. Spotify’s message was clear - you can have access to 50 million songs for free. For a price-conscious market like India, this message hit the right chord.

3. Ola – #PeekeMatChala

The campaign #PeekeMatChala by Ola asked its audience not to drink and drive, but to book an Ola cab instead. The campaign went viral on several platforms and was a big success for Ola.

What was the outcome?

The campaign got a whopping 17 lakh views, 28k likes and 2,694 shares. It also fulfilled the objective of spreading a social message and leveraged on it to get more conversions.

What did they do right?

Leveraging social messages is always a great way to influence the audience. The campaign highlighted a social issue and gave a solution for the same in the form of its brand.

4. Raymond – #TyoharKeDhage

Raymond created the #TyoharKeDhage campaign to create buzz on social media during Diwali. The brand highlighted the importance of traditional festive celebrations through a series of short videos.

What was the outcome?

The video received 11 lakh views, 6.8k likes, and 472 shares on Facebook. The campaign got massive engagement across social media platforms. Moreover, Raymond saw a spike in its sales.

What did they do right?

The campaign shows the relevance of aligning a brand with the traditions and culture of the target audience. Keeping the campaign Raymond’s way - simple, subtle, and classic - also played a crucial role in wooing the audience.

5. Sunsilk– Hair Styling Tips

Sunsilk wanted to create engaging content for its target audience, which was young people. For this, Sunsilk created a series of videos on social media platforms which taught stuff like how you can get ready for your friend’s wedding, making an instant bun in six seconds, and getting the right college fest look.

What was the outcome?

The video got more than 16 lakh views on YouTube and the Sunsilk YouTube channel got more than 20,000 subscribers.

What did they do right?

Sunsilk created some kickass content with professional support to help its audience. This helped Sunsilk generate audience engagement and build trust in the brand.

Successful campaigns not only take into account a brand’s message but also what the audience wants to know and can use to make their lives better. Finding new ways to engage your audience, being innovative and creative, following the right trend, banking on right social media platforms, and finding the right sentiment will help your brand build and create an impact in the long run.


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