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How would you feel if we told you that you could have an audience of over 550 million people to showcase your product? You would get quite excited, wouldn’t you? Because even if 1% of that audience finds your product useful and takes a further interest in your brand, you have 5,500,000 potential customers. Not bad for a start-up or a business trying to get a foothold in a new market. Well, that is the potential of the Indian market.

While internet penetration is not as far-reaching as in many Western countries, it is growing at an impressive rate. And of course, we have the sheer numbers. With a population of 1.3 billion, even targeting 1% -5% is no mean feat. As more demographics get on board, more brands can find their target audience online and the scope for digital marketing just keeps widening.

Here’s what brands can do to maximise their reach

While India is offering up a large online audience, brands need to keep in mind that this is a widely varied audience with a vast range of preferences. Understanding the potential customer well is essential for effective marketing especially when you want to hit the right targets. But here are some avenues you can explore once you know where your next customer is likely to be browsing.

Be mobile-friendly: The reason more Indians are online today is because of smartphones. It’s not just the devices that are more affordable but also data packages. As of 2020, there are close to 450 million smartphone users in the country. And this number is only going to get bigger with an estimated 90% of the population owning a mobile device by 2022. Marketing has to be made mobile friendly to reach these masses. It is also a good idea for brands to understand Google’s guidelines for mobile sites which will help increase their rankings. Remember that Google changes its algorithm a few times each year, which is why it’s necessary to stay updated.

Social media is always good: Indian users are big fans of social media. Facebook is the most popular currently, followed by Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat, and Twitter. But there is one platform that marketers simply cannot ignore, and that is TikTok. The video streaming app has become the most downloaded app in the country and the rate of content consumption is enough to make any marketer salivate. With TikTok opening up the way for paid marketing, brands should jump to the opportunity to target younger millennials and Gen Z audiences.

Streaming platforms are popular: While streaming services like Amazon Prime, Netflix, and Disney-Hotstar don’t allow advertising, other free streaming services like YouTube, Facebook Watch and Voot are good options for marketers to explore. Gathering a large number of views every day, these platforms provide a brand with much-needed visibility especially when launching new products or services.

Regional content sells: The diversity in India is staggering as are the cultures and tastes of the people. Language plays an important role in marketing and people are always more drawn to their native tongue. When reaching out to Indian audiences across the country, it would do marketers good to adapt the contest to the local language and preferences. This not only appeals to the consumer in those parts but also shows respect for the region that helps build trust.

User India is a vast market that still remains largely untapped. Understanding the audience's preferences, adapting content to suit language and culture, and going big on mobile device marketing could put brands in the sight of millions.


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