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The Building Blocks Of An Audience Base

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Building a brand is quite a challenging task. Every successful brand’s identity and ideology are built through hard work and a lot of all-nighters. *cue montage of agency people crying in the corner*. Whether your brand is relatively new to the market or a market veteran, establishing the base for your audience is crucial. After all, marketing is all about catering to the right audience.

Audience development is the process of building relationships with your audience in order to create a loyal community. Let’s understand how you can incorporate audience development measures into your content strategy.

Building a deeper connection with your audience

Interacting with both existing and potential members of the audience goes in a long way in building a lasting relationship with them. This establishes a direct connection with the audience and helps in improving their perception of the brand. And there’s nobody who does it better than Netflix! The video streaming platform, which supposedly popularised the term ‘binge-watching’, is an expert in building an audience via interaction.

Netflix has been absolutely on-point while communicating and building a relationship with its loyal binge-watchers. The brand doesn’t miss a chance of connecting with the audience on social media platforms. And who doesn’t like it when your favourite brand replies to you, right?

Expanding the customer base

Once you have developed an audience base, the next challenge you face is to keep them engaged. Wondering how exactly you should go about it? Well, you can start off by introducing customer referral programs and other services that add value to your brand. Let expansion happen naturally instead of forcing your brand into the throats of the audience.

Increasing customer loyalty

Another way in which you can grow your audience exponentially is by building brand loyalty. Existing customers will return to you only when they see a value in the brand. Spotify’s Wrapped campaign is a great way of audience retention which allows users to check out what they were listening to in the past year. Simply put, a year in rewind but in Spotify style! Don’t we love it when someone curates the perfect playlist for us? That’s exactly what Spotify did!

A strong social media presence

Step one in developing an audience is creating a social media page where you can start sharing posts about your brand. Social media is where a brand can be their best possible self. Quirky bios like the one that Zomato has can make your brand stand out. Just look at how accurate the bio is! *LOL*

Having a strong social media presence does not only mean giving your users informative content to consume. Depending on the platform you choose, social media posts can be quirky, entertaining, or even downright hilarious. The trick to making social media posts go viral is to make them relatable to as many people as possible.



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