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Pull 'Em Audience With Push Notifications

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

Remember those pop-up messages sent by brand apps with quirky little messages for you? That’s a push notification, pushed to you as a recall of the brand, its products, and activities to attract you. Push notifications are part of the push marketing strategy, that aim as an attention magnet.

But why do brands need push notifications when they can create ads or social media content? Well because push notifications are targeted directly at your audience, they can be customised with little reminders/notes, and are unmissable.

Remember getting push notifications by Zomato or Swiggy like these?

They always leave you feeling something, leading to a craving, and you eventually find yourself scrolling through their app. It’s not just food apps that steal your attention this way, but other brands too. Here’s proof -

What’s the long-term benefit that brands earn from creating push notifications? Brand recall, user retention, sales, and app traffic & engagement are prominent benefits that brands drive from the push marketing tool. Moreover, even the audience prefers receiving push notifications as communication over SMS, Newsletters, or WhatsApp messages.

However, what you must keep in mind when creating push notifications is to have a thoroughly researched strategy in place to be able to create the right impact. The following are some features that your strategy must have:

  • Know your audience’s behaviour and choices

  • Create an experience for the consumers

  • Personalise the communication

  • Find exclusive points to talk about, e.g. deals, reminders, sales, USP, etc.

  • Keep the system updated as per the app updates to avoid a bad experience

  • Add emotion to your communication

  • Include regional languages wherever possible

The best part of push notifications is its personalisation feature that makes your audience feel noticed. Some of the key emotions you can target are appreciation, excitement, guilt, encouragement, and surprise. And that’s how push notifications are one of the best tools to pull your audience’s attention with.

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