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Five Point Everyone: What Not To Do On A Matrimony Site?

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(We have chosen the names of the characters as shown in the movie, 3 Idiots as compared to the book, Five Point Someone, assuming their popularity.)

It’s that time of your life. When you have to choose a career, but you have nothing in mind. You pay heed to society’s words and opt for engineering. Just like Farhan, Rancho, and Raju.

That time of your life comes again! When you have to select a life partner, but you have no one in sight. No. Now you need not rely on those uncles and aunties as there are matrimonial sites to your rescue!

With matrimony sites filtering out candidates based on your personal interests with the promise of privacy, it has become easier for this generation to find their match comfortably. This business will always see an upward graph, thanks to the time it saves and the convenience it offers to people who juggle ten different things at a time! Because, to keep up with the current trends and their customers’ preferences, these sites perfectly blend the deep-rooted Indian culture and advanced technology, thereby making all the generations equally happy! After all, all needs to be well for all, right?

Kaabil Bano, Kamyabi Jhak Maarke Piche Ayegi!

Do you remember how Farhan, Rancho, and Raju were constantly trying to change the system? While their reasons were different, matrimonial sites also need to be constantly evolving as the concept of marriages and the definition of love changes with time. Today’s generation is keen to have a partner who understands their aspirations, irrespective of the gender. So, let your marketing speak something more about what they look for in a marriage now rather than reiterating the ideas which were relevant 10 years ago!

Farhanitrate and Prerajulisation

Gone are the times when people were hesitant about marrying someone from a different community. Just like Rancho had the guts to have a fling with Virus’s daughter, explore more and refrain from targeting a single community. Nowadays, people are slowly opening up to inter-caste marriages. Be the pioneers of harmony and slowly dissolve the conventional ideologies, which most of the sites harp on!

Abba Nahi Manenge, toh kaise?

Farhan did it for his family. Raju did it for his family. Even Rancho did what he did, for his loved ones! Do you see the pattern? Family is important for most of the Indian families because that is how we are brought up. So there is no harm if you create content around their emotions and expectations. No, you don’t have to talk as if they are the ones getting married. But, maybe not leave them out from the equation?

Jahapanah Tussi Great Bano!

Why do you think the trio from the movie never ended up liking engineering? Apart from personal reasons, it was the way of teaching – uninterested professors and hundreds of assignments. If your plan is the same, to rely on services and technology that you used when you started out, it’s going to be downhill. It is okay to have a strategy that roots for the Indian mindset, but remember you are addressing the digital. Experiment with your UI, services, filters, and make your site/app more intuitive for their benefit.

Life Is A Race. If You Don’t Run Fast, You Will Be Like A Broken Anda!

Well, that didn’t work for the infamous Virus. Clearly it won’t work for you. Every year, matrimonial sites witness a growth of 25%-30%. But this rise will only happen if you don’t see it as another transaction. One of the leading matrimonial sites in India believes that they were able to garner attention since they built the product around trust. While you should aim for big numbers, do not forget the essence of the life-changing process you are involved in for your customers.

Whatever you do, make your customers feel, ‘All is well’! With the burden of so many decisions resting on their shoulders, this is the best you can do. Make them feel at home, and comfortably take them to another!


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