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When Content Marketing Decided To Take A Trip To The World Of Fintech 

After exploring the vast continents of Textile, BFSI, Hospitality, F&B, Travel, Events, Technology and other industries, content marketing decided to pack its bags once again to take a tour of the Fintech industry. Having heard about how the industry was growing, and rather curious to get an in-depth knowledge of this new land, this journey was an exciting expedition for content.

Filled with flashy glass buildings and sky-high built offices, the land of Fintech seemed to be brimming with new opportunities. Owned by brands that incorporated the idea of merging finance with technology to provide a better experience for consumers across groups, this land left content marketing awestruck. Their processes involved digitization of banking, introduction of neobanks and even delivering innovative investment solutions. From Paytm, Razorpay, Policy Bazaar and Zest Money, the arena was filled with names whom content always admired.

“By 2022, the Neobanking avenue is expected to show a revenue growth of 61.3%. As for digital payments, the number of users is predicted to amount to 948.44 million users.”, said a trusted statistician while talking to content, leaving it amazed with the growing numbers.

It stepped ahead to meet a bunch of marketers who were ready to share their thoughts on their strategies. “Here is a list of the most applied marketing strategies in the Fintech industry”, said one among them, handing a laminated piece of paper which read -

  • Find loops and fill in the gaps left by other brands from the industry.

  • Make the processes involved in financial services faster.

  • Make financial services customer friendly and mobile.

  • Provide a remarkable user experience.

  • Build a connection with digital presence.

The tour led Content Marketing to realise its need in this industry. It was impressed to hear about the various avenues that were ready to welcome it as a supporter. “There is so much to explore in this industry, for both me and the readers.”, exclaimed Content! He knew that all that was spoken was still the tip of the iceberg, there was a whole lot that was yet to be discussed.

After spending hours in the city of Fintech, content sat down on a bench and began to write down all his learnings in his trusted diary.

Today, I learnt a lot about fintech land, and the opportunities I have here. Two main agendas that brands here can try while working with me are building the trust factor and credibility, improving their brand awareness and educating the audience.

With every brand bringing something new to the table, it is essential to keep the audience updated, and who better would strike a conversation, than me, content?", he read after finishing the second paragraph.

I also got a chance to learn about some of the best plans these Fintech brands used to achieve their desired aims among the consumers-

CRED - Whether through their television commercials or their relatable posts on social media, this brand has learned to always catch the attention with a unique approach. One of the campaigns that I recall is the one with Rahul Dravid seen losing his temper when stuck in traffic. That post went on to become one of the most viral content.

Credit Mantri - Anything you need to know about loans and credit health, CreditMantri has it all penned down for you. This brand’s content focused on the expanse of topics and details that are relevant to the consumers. - One of the newest players in the industry, they caught the audience's attention with the trend of Unboxing. While brands unveiled their products using influencers to unbox them, this brand came up with a strategy to ‘Unbox your bank'! Their conversational style paired with this fresh approach of introducing a financial service won the hearts of many on social media.

Scripbox - This brand bases its entire content strategy on breaking down understanding mutual funds in layman’s terms. What attracts me is their vast knowledge and how easy and accessible they make this knowledge for every consumer.

This trip has been enlightening for me in various ways. I learnt that with everything going digital, the audience has access to every bit of information. For a fintech brand, the agenda is to be the chosen one that the audience prefers for all the information. It can achieve this by implementing a quirky tonality, an innovative presentation or going all out showcasing your experience and research on the industry. However, one thing that will remain etched in my mind is that ‘Before consumers invest in the brand, they must invest interest in your content to connect with you, to be able to trust your brand for their needs.’

With that, Content packed his bags and embarked on its journey to a new land.


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