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Content Amplification Trends For 2023

Updated: Dec 28, 2022

Are you a trendsetter or a trend follower? If you have integrated trends in your content in any way you sure have the experience of success, partial success, and failure. When our version of #trendingcontent fared weakly, we wondered what the cause could be. It cautioned us to prepare better for the upcoming trends to fare better. The first step was RESEARCH.

Presenting, the trends that will take over content marketing in 2023. Knowing the content marketing trends was not the biggest challenge, we realised. The task at hand was to ensure that we use them to our advantage and reap the best results. Little did we realise how we already had the solution ready to be recognised and executed.

Presenting the amplification your content needs:

Adding Value

If every brand starts creating the same kind of content, how will your audience distinguish you from your competitors? This is where the role of value added by you comes into play. How you treat the same content and what more it offers is what sets you apart. Each content piece of yours should have that distinguishing information, treatment, or presentation that will attract attention and loyalty from your audience.


Fact - Content never dies. Yes, it may lose relevance over time, but can always be revamped with the latest information. We’ve made it a habit to forget old existing content pieces instead of making good use of them. If irrelevant content cannot be recycled, it can always be used as an example to prove past learning of yours. The secret lies in knowing how, when, and where to recycle your content for optimum attention.


Would you engage with an automated call or message by a brand? Absolutely not! However, if it were a person calling, you would at least communicate with them. Having a human appeal in your brand communication through your content, copy tonality, or imagery builds trust for your brand, attracts relevant attention, and invites engagement.

Real-time Engagement

Attention, appreciation, and engagement go both ways. If you do not respect your audience’s attention with consistent communication, engagement with appreciation or prompt response, you will lose it all. The audience today is extremely sensitive to how they are treated and real-time engagement is your key to opening new opportunities for your brand.


Your audience is always on the move, and you have to get moving with them. This means your content now has to suit their consumption timelines and feasibility. It has to be flexible based on the platforms, formats and trends that they follow. For instance, your website must be mobile optimised, your copy short and crisp, your design appealing, your content more A/V driven, and your strategies up-to-date.

Keeping up with your audience is not as easy as it seems, all credit to the fast-paced market booming with updates and trends. The significance however cannot be overlooked. It is hence imperative that you hold on to the reins of these existing brand communication practices while integrating the newer trends that will rule the new year.


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