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Are You Aware Of The Content Cliff?

Imagine receiving the same present every birthday but packaged differently each year. Wouldn’t that be boring; unless you really like wrapping papers?

People are always looking for ways to recycle and reinvent themselves, even their belongings. The same applies to content. Content is information that comes in diverse forms such as social media content, movies, books, art, blogs, etc. Companies use different ways to reinvent the content they present to their audience and one of those catchy ways is through the highest viewed trends. But once their inspiration well of ideas dries out, it turns into a writer's worst nightmare- The Content Cliff. When a piece of content exhausts its ability to garner attention, it reaches a cliff. While every content creator hates it, every piece of content reaches the edge of a cliff at one point. A writer can either be precautious and refresh the content before it reaches the cliff, or let it fall. We know how much the fall hurts, but, hey, who said it can’t rise again?

If you're looking for ways to begin now or learn more on how to keep your content fresh, welcome!

Tip 1: Engaging with the people, not numbers.

Coca-Cola’s famous interactive campaign called “Share a coke” was a memorable campaign to connect with their audience. This event reached far and wide with social media and word of mouth. If Coca-Cola were to bring this campaign back, they would want it to be different so they would pick current famous influencers. This is a way of bringing back content with a fun twist!

In another instance, Crocs used to be shamed for existing but people are reviving it in interesting ways. has this feature called Jibbitz which pins onto the holes of the crocs making it creatively cute and different ways to express yourself. Your audience will love to know that there was someone that thought of them and carefully arranged things to give them moments of laughter and relief from their busy day. The human feeling behind the product and not the profitable mind was their attempt to revive their marketing.

Tip 2: Knowing when to say goodbye.

Know when a content piece or campaign is done and over with. From fashion statements to social media memes, there are overused materials that audiences just don’t engage with anymore. Dabbing, animal filters, and lip-syncing to dialogues without context are some of the most popular examples of content trends that have reached their cliff. You can try to stay fresh by adding fresh context or vibe to these trends. In this way, you can read about others’ techniques, advice, struggles, etc.

Once you start creating content, gauge the audience's reaction through comments and reshares. You can decide whether to lay your content to rest or bring it back with something new. You must be asking, “But how do you keep up with the fast-moving trends?’’

Tip 3: Trend along safely!

Have a list of trends ready which means carving out time to scroll through social media constructively. If you are a content writer, note down questions like why does this content appeal to people? How can I make this trend my own and suit my viewers’ tastes while also aligning with my company’s goals? For example, keeping track of popular hashtags that companies/competitors have used will help you understand what they’re trying to accomplish with the trendy style they’re picking. It will also show how different companies are using the trend and coming up with unique ways to promote their content.

Also, be politically aware of the certain hashtags that are used for social movements like #metoo or #WhyIStayed to ensure that you do not hurt people’s emotions. Know the difference between playing safe, taking risks, and being sensitive and aware. Keep this in mind when riding the waves of trend.

Tip 4: Refreshing your knowledge

Refreshing your knowledge of the world of content marketing is also a good way to gain new perspectives. Look out for other content creators related to your field who are offering tips and ideas to keep that content well flowing. You can also scroll through their comment section and see if anyone is asking questions which can give you ideas for your content.

Wherever you are on the business scale, these tips can serve as a reminder and inspire you on how to tailor it to your own situation. One of the easiest ways to avoid the content cliff is to take old or pre-existing content and look at it from a different perspective and know when to move on from a content piece. Sometimes it isn’t easy coming up with ideas that keep you away from the edge. But knowing you can turn around to look at the work you have done before will serve as a reminder that you can do it. Go forth and create!

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