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5 Things You Didn't Know About Quora!

Ever browsed Google for some reliable information about a company, product, competitor, or industry and ended up reading answers on Quora? Well, that’s the power of Quora marketing! With over 300 million global users, Quora is the go-to question-and-answer website of our generation. Unlike other social media platforms, Quora offers refined and relevant answers to your doubts and queries.

While you know Quora is an excellent and unique platform that helps you generate organic awareness, build a reputation for your brand, help you gain an understanding of your target audience, and allows you to connect with people who contribute unique insights on various topics, here are a few things you do not know about Quora.

Quora’s age-wise distribution statistics

Did you know that users, who are 18 and above, spend twice as much time on Quora as they do on LinkedIn? Laura Hale, a social media researcher, analysed data that was collected by Alexa and revealed the age-wise distribution statistics of Quora. The statistics say that 45.5% of Quora users are in the age group of 18 to 24 while 32.5% are from the age group of 25 to 34. If your target audience falls within these age groups, you need to be on Quora.

Find your perfect Quorans

Influencer marketing is red-hot right now and you know why! During this past decade and a half, the trend has evolved and become the new buzzword in the digital marketing universe. Owing to this, a lot of brands have begun to invest in influencers. If you’re one of them and wondering how to find the perfect influencer, Quora could be a great resource. Several users on Quora are recognised as key contributors for their highly informative and valuable answers. These contributors, who Quorans (Quora users) rely on for information, have gained trust and credibility over the years. You can reach out to them directly and ask if they would be interested in helping you promote your brand. You may also engage with these contributors on Quora by answering their questions or by upvoting and commenting on their answers.

What’s the deal with Quora Ads?

When it comes to paid digital traffic, Facebook Ads and AdWords have always been your first choice. But do you think it is wise to continue using them as major campaign drivers? If you’re a smart marketer, you’ll know that the best decision is to stay up-to-date with the latest and most innovative offerings. Also, when you opt for Quora ads, it allows you to view impressions, number of clicks, CTR (Click-Through Rate), CPC (Cost Per Click), and daily spend, giving you a performance report.

Did you know that the conversion rate of Quora Ads is four times higher than other platforms? Well, when you run ads on Quora, you not only help drive traffic to your website, but also generate more value from your marketing efforts. Now that many marketers have begun to see success with their ads on Quora and discover its value for their brand, more and more people want to increase their budget for Quora Ads in 2021.

Who’s more popular on Quora - Americans or Indians?

Quora is like a non-fiction book that shares knowledge, contributes unique insights and quality answers, with its share of twists and turns. It sure has the power to get people hooked on to its content. Quora has 300 million active users monthly, out of which 34.9% of its visitors are from the United States, 22.2% of visitors are from India, and only 5.4% of visitors are from the UK. Quora never publicly shares the details about its user base and the above statistics have been released by Given that the majority of Quora users are from the US, marketers can use this opportunity to showcase their company, products, and services to their American audience base.

Use Quora for SEO

A lot of people are leveraging Quora Ads to grow their presence. Quora is an excellent tool that will not only help you improve your brand’s visibility, but also drive organic traffic to your website. On Quora, you can find thousands of keywords in just a couple of hours. All you need to do is search the word and it will display a drop-down list of existing topics and questions, and there, you have your keywords. But this isn’t enough; you must also extract keywords that would help convert your prospects into customers. For this, you must find keywords that target consumers who are in the final stage of the buyer’s journey. This is because, during this time, the customers are actively evaluating various solutions before coming to a final decision. Quora can really do wonders when it is included in your SEO strategy.

No doubt, Quora is an excellent supplement to any promotional strategy. After all, it helps you highlight your position as an industry thought leader, build connections with potential customers, and increase traffic to your website. But you must also remember that you need to deliver value, gain trust and establish credibility if you wish to take your Quora marketing strategy up a notch.


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