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11 Ways To Crack An Idea Ft. Team Yellow Seed

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If you’ve been a part of our journey, you know the story of Yellow Seed - the highs, the lows, and the in-betweens. If you’re new to this venture, you gotta dive right in! 11 years ago we began the journey with, ‘Chalo, let’s do this’. The idea was to bring content to life and look where we are now.

Undeniably, the one thing that keeps us going is our team of enthu-cutlets, who are always ready to take on all kinds of briefs (yes, the good, the bad and even the ugly). This year, to celebrate turning 11, a bunch of us are spilling our best-kept secrets on ‘cracking the next big idea’.

Understanding what the client or the brand is looking for by asking questions (even if they are stupid). Sometimes going back to them with examples or references to understand the benchmark also helps (works at a copy, design and strategy level).

  • Sushma Poojary, Client Success Team.

The devil lies in the details – Even the smallest or seemingly insignificant details can help you come up with awesome ideas! Understand the brief clearly, get clarity on the objective, ask questions, do your research, and seek feedback. Cracking a brief is a dynamic, collaborative, and iterative process, so, always keep your mind open.

  • Pritha Dey, Content Team.

My one tip as a designer would be referencing. It helps me crack a brief as it helps to have different perspectives and see if they can be moulded for a certain brief.

  • Neha Wagh, Design Team.

I feel one thing is the tone that they want the copy to sound like. This defines how I approach the brief and helps me think in the right direction.

  • Kenneth Carneiro, Content Team.

AI can be your companion for brainstorming but only you can put relatability in your ideas.

  • Jagrati Sadhwani, Strategy Team.

From a writer's perspective, before cracking the brief, I feel it is important to gather all information about the client, product and intended audience, and thoroughly read the brand guidelines. Cracking the brief becomes simpler once we are aware of the brand so nothing gets lost in translation.

  • Mahima Maniar, Content Team.

Asking the right questions. This one tip has proved to be a game-changer for me, especially when the brief is too complicated or when there isn't even a proper brief in the first place.

  • Kedar Koli, Content Team.

The one thing I’ve learnt while cracking a brief is that no idea is a bad idea. Every idea given by someone is always helpful as it allows us to build on the same.

  • Rochelle Fernandes, Client Success team.

Embrace an iterative approach. It enables you to explore different angles, make necessary adjustments, and deliver the best possible outcome. Regularly review and refine your ideas based on feedback and insights. This ensures that your final solutions are well-developed and meet the client's objectives effectively.

  • Gokul Ramkumar, Client Success team.

Cracking every idea on the first go is a myth. There’s no fixed method or a rule book to crack a brief. Often the most ridiculous-sounding thought can be shaped into the most relevant one, so it’s good to be open to crazy thoughts.

  • Keya Chandaran, Strategy Team.

Data and insights are your friends. Learning about the target audience, their behaviour, and a SWOT comparison of the brand with its competition sets the tone for everyone in the creative team to add value via content, design or ideas.

  • Karthik Shankar PS, Strategy Team.

If there's one thing that we’ve learned, it is that an idea might be suggested by one, shaped by another, and executed by someone else, and it will stand the test of time if the team is in sync! We’ve powered through our lows, risen from them, and also reached highs that have left us grinning for days— cheers to turning 11, and cheers to the team that has brought us here.

While these 11 years have been nothing less than an adventure, with this crazy, fun bunch, we’re ready to take on whatever comes next. Ready to crack an idea with us, yet?


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