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Why Is There A Consumer Shift In Content Preference?

Research states that almost 55% of visitors spend fewer than 15 seconds on your website. This is barely enough to skim the surface and it is certainly not long enough to register any useful information. On an average, users read half the information, only on pages that have 111 words or less. Just because content is being shared, it does not necessarily mean that it is being read. 

Ease over everything!

As smartphones are the most essential part of our lives today, content marketers claim that internet traffic comes more from mobile devices than from desktops. The ease-of-access offered by smartphones, leads majority of consumers to access content on their mobile devices, rather than from their desktops. Consumers are now shifting their content consumption preferences towards Visual Content, Interactive Content and User-generated Content. 

Tech reaches out

Today, Content Marketing is being shaped by two things: technology and our audience. Interestingly, 62% of content marketers say that their content marketing strategies are now more successful than compared with last year. This is a huge shift from the previous year, where a mere 30% of marketers said their content marketing was effective.

People trust what people say

Trust is the secret ingredient of content marketing. Statistics state that 85% of people trust content made by others, more than they trust a brand’s content. User-generated content is the consumers’ preferred medium that can build their trust in a brand. This comes in the form of social shares, reviews, comments and testimonials. The secondary preference is Interactive Content. Audiences yearn to be involved with the content they consume. Brands today are implementing interactive content by means of quizzes and contests. 

Insight is increasingly in sight

As for the type of content favoured, 59% of marketers focus on Thought Leadership articles. This is because Thought Leadership is based on solid industry knowledge, a good grasp of current trends and events, and a deep insight into a marketing persona's potential problems or challenges. They need to be backed up by solid and objective data, which is exactly what a consumer looks for today.

What needs to be understood is that every consumer of your product is a micro-influencer for your brand. Creating content for the mediums that are most preferred by your target audience, is the sword you must wield to effectively engage your consumers. The technology around content marketing – the platforms, the formats, the strategies – exist solely to engage audiences.


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