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When Instagram, Facebook And LinkedIn Bumped At The Airport

It was a busy day at the airport. Even the cab drivers making a monetary stop at the airport could sense the buzz. When a guarded fancy car stopped at the entrance of Terminus 2, everyone around was sure that a celebrity was here. When the commotion seemed to have stopped, out stepped the stylish, popular and charming celebrity, Instagram. As she was about to walk inside the airport, a tyre screech caught her attention. As the crowd parted, she caught sight of Facebook who was not only famed and charismatic, but was also known to have great connections around the world. Some considered the two to be arch-enemies, but they were always busy creating new rumours, such that none could be trusted. One look at each other, and they knew which role they were to play today. Post the formal salutations, they proceeded towards the airport.

“Long time. So, headed to another charity fund?” Asked Instagram.

Well, you’re saying as if you don't support funds” replied Facebook with a fake smile for the paparazzi.

“You could have at least put on an airport look instead of looking so regular” snapped Instagram

“That’s where we differ, darling! You impress, I express” replied Facebook.

At the security check queue, the two heard some whispers. Were the whispers about them, or were they about to encounter another celebrity? They never considered any other social platform as their competitor.

As they walked on, they saw her, all composed and neat as they’d heard. What were the odds that LinkedIn too was travelling on the same day as Facebook and Instagram? All among the top social platforms, who preferred maintaining a social distance long before it was introduced in 2020, were now face to face and had no escape.

“Are you going for a business event, LinkedIn?” asked Instagram.

“You know there’s more to me than merely being associated with businesses, don’t you?” Replied LinkedIn.

“Well she’s so full of herself that she doesn’t really keep a tab about the world”, commented Facebook.

“Says who? Miss know it all Facebook?” snapped Instagram

“Guys, let’s not argue and demean each other in public, please. It’s not good for our image. Neither do I want to become one of Instagram's memes, nor do I wish to be a shared video for Facebook's fanbase.”

“There’s more to me than memes as well. I am the fastest source of spreading news...” began Instagram.

“She means rumours”, said Facebook, cutting her off before she could say anything else.

“We may be cousins, but distant. And I like it that way. You’re too old fashioned to be my cousin. Especially with all your communities” commented Instagram.

“Those are meaningful and helpful communities, unlike your shady groups. I heard about that shady locker room incident in your community” clarified Facebook.

“Oh, are you not aware of the fake account created in your community for the same purpose?” asked Instagram.

“Ladies, we’re in public, and if you keep arguing, we’ll soon be in the headlines for worse reasons” interrupted LinkedIn.

“How can you be so poised all the time? Don’t you ever get tired?” Asked Facebook.

“That’s who and how I am. I have to be presentable all the time. While I’m not all about seeking jobs and talking brands, keeping an eye on opportunities is my life. The two of you are meant for entertainment and sometimes for entrepreneurs, while I am a full-time investment for a professional life. Please don’t compare me to yourselves.” said LinkedIn

“Well, you may be an investment, but you’re surely not a chosen one. You’re not the one these humans will resort to at the end of a tiring day. It’s me and my memes, posts and stories” Instagram debated.

“Hey! I too fall in that league with interesting stories and shareable posts”, added Facebook.

“Uhh… for starters, you copied me. Also, your story content isn't even half as saucy as mine”, said Instagram.

“What makes you so arrogant, Instagram?” asked Facebook.

“It’s not arrogance, just my confidence.”

“The baseline is that we’re all meant for the same people. The only difference lies in what we provide them. For instance, I am more focused about building professional connections, you and Instagram are inclined towards creating personal as well as professional connections.” LinkedIn interrupted. “If Instagram is popular amongst the upcoming generations, Facebook, you are an evergreen love amongst the older generation who only want to connect with their loved ones.”

“But that’s wrong. These youngsters like me too.” Facebook argued.

“Definitely, but this generation needs more than just connection. They want a life and stability, where they need my help; when it comes to connecting with age old companions, they resort to you, and when they need some entertaining news and content, Instagram Is their favourite. It’s not about who’s better. It’s about how differently we function, yet how interconnected we are.”

“That reminded me of Karthik Aryan’s monologues from #PKP” Instagram Chirped in.

“There you go, Instagram and her craze for hashtags!” laughed LinkedIn

As they looked up, they found LinkedIn’s flight had begun boarding. Composing herself, she got up to leave.

“But I’m taken seriously the most. Good luck beating me at that”, winked LinkedIn as she walked off.

Did the poised and sophisticated LinkedIn just tease them? The day had been too extraordinary for any of their expectations. Instagram and Facebook sat quietly, resonating on LinkedIn’s monologue. It was true that they were similar yet had differences. Was that reason enough for them to accept defeat or befriend each other?

Their respective flight boarding announcements began. It was time to part ways, but a question still lingered on their minds. Should they apologize and accept defeat or simply start supporting each other? They gave each other a nod mutually voting for the latter.“See you around”, Instagram said while sending an air kiss to Facebook before walking away.

*Hours later after her flight landed*

LinkedIn updated her status- a notification flashed on Instagram’s phone.

‘Mirror mirror on the wall, Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn, who’s the superior of them all?’ LinkedIn’s post header read. She had actually utilised her no network time to create an article based on their conversation.

“That’s so LinkedIn”, sighed Facebook in another city.



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