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We Somehow Missed The Stop Sign!

content marketing plan,Yellow Seed Content Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

We hope that we become successful.

We will try to build our business like no one else has.

We wish to be well-known in the coming years.

Eight years ago, when we started, we had similar thoughts like these, just like any other new company would have. But with a minor, yet big difference.

We were the kind of people who said:

We will become successful.

We will build a business like no one else has.

We will be well-known in the coming years.

For some, this might come across as overconfidence. But this is our belief in the potential of our team - a bunch of creative enthusiasts, who are fueled by the passion to create awesomeness every single day. No wonder this spirit has created magic over the last eight years. And we believe, this very attitude is going to take us places.

But do you know a secret? We live what we believe in, even on our worst days, just as we do on the best ones. To give you a perspective, here is a memory close to someone who has been a part of the company since its inception and has been leading our Business Development Team – Angad Saimbi aka The Panda. He vividly remembers November 2012, a month when the business was not upbeat. It is natural for you to think – Obviously. Everyone remembers their bad times. But he remembers it because it was a month when we did not bill a single rupee. Yet, when the month ended, we celebrated as a team by going out for bowling! It's not like we had tons of money. Its just that we wanted to remember this month. That evening, we made a promise that we would never have a month of zero billing. We have not looked back ever since. That is how we are. Of course, we do not want bitter moments. But when they do arise, we re-imagine the way forward.

From then till now, we've faced the music a number of times. A range of instances, both happy and sad. We embraced them all because we are learners. Every experience has taught us something which we leaned upon the next time we were in a similar situation. We still make mistakes, but new ones only! And this is one of the reasons which motivates Kenika Singh aka Crazy Plant Lady, Sr. Client Manager, to work at Yellow Seed. For her, this is a safe place where she can voice her opinions without the fear of being judged, she can take up any challenge as an opportunity and share a cup of coffee with anyone in the team, just like she would do with a friend. Because in the two plus years she has spent here, she has realized, this team has your back as you continue to fly. Till the time you try to spread your wings to your maximum potential, it does not matter the number of times you fall. Pritha Basu aka The Story Weaver, Writer, who joined us during the lock-down, echoes the feeling. She finds the team to be supportive and patient enough to give her time to understand things. The best part according to her is the faith the team has in her as she has already been entrusted with responsibilities, which she is fulfilling enthusiastically.

It does not matter to us if you are two years or two months old in the company. We welcome people by trusting their abilities, and they become a part of our family from day one! Sharvari Joshi aka Jane Eyre, Content Editor, who recently joined our team, shares the sentiment when she repeats a statement told to her by her manager on one of those oh-I-cannot-do-it-anymore days: “Don’t think of it as YOUR work. It is OUR work. Whatever you need, we are here for you.” Manisha Singh aka Heidi, Editor, who joined us virtually thanks to the lock-down says, the team has supported her professionally as well as personally. While the team is extremely reliable as far as work is concerned, she was touched when they cared about the little things like her having lunch on time. If virtually she could have such connections, she says, she cannot wait to meet everyone in person!

We have always strived to build a work culture which includes every single team member, hears every single voice, and acts according to the best interest of the team, of our family. Simran aka Superman, Writer, realizes that he misses this environment in spite of completing just two months in the organization, of which one month has been virtual. While not everyone can be your friend, he says, what makes Yellow Seed different is, there are no enemies here. This is not a place where people are looking to pin down each other, which is quite different from the past experiences he has had. Ankita aka Tenali Raman, Sr. Design Manager, who has been around for the past four years says, this has been the treatment since the time we were a small team. Back then, even when resources were limited, she did not face any kind of pressure which hampered her work. Every challenge was met with a solution as a team and this sense of understanding makes her feel that Yellow Seed is her second home. She never felt alone, because, for her, it is a group of passionate friends, cracking brief after brief and persevering for the best results. From her early days as a designer to her being a manager now, she has found the team to be encouraging who has helped her learn every single day. To describe this emotion here is someone who is the king of analogies. None other than Amod Malusare aka Agent 007, Sr. Manager Strategy, who aptly compares his journey at Yellow Seed to that of a high-speed Formula 1 race. He believes, here every one is high on adrenaline, to experiment with anything new, wacky, and crazy! And the much-needed rush is amplified as the team stands in support at every pit stop to refill your skills and up-skill your strengths.

Times when we had to explain what we meant by ‘content’, to a day when he did not have to introduce Yellow Seed to a reputed brand, Angad feels that he has seen a baby grow. No matter who stays or leaves, Angad and Ankita both believe, the undying and crazy spirit to do our best, is the key to our amazing journey so far. Along with numbers, Amod says he has seen Yellow Seed grow in the true sense – by consistently spreading smiles and creating a positive impact among everyone associated with us. Kenika might not have completed as many years as they have, but is proud to see the way Yellow Seed has evolved and is happy to contribute to it, along with her plants, of course!

We like to think of ourselves as those with selective vision and hearing. No offence to anyone. Wait till you hear why. With the burning fire to create something meaningful each day and add value to the lives of the clients who trust us, we somehow miss the signs which scream at us – STOP! We see them, we hear them. But we choose to ignore them and find a way to navigate past them. So when we say selective vision and hearing, it is not by default. It is always a conscious choice.

With many more such decisions to make ahead and with a brilliant team to execute them, we look forward to creating more awesomeness and accomplishing more milestones. Because, there are those who wait for them to happen, and there are those who make them happen. We choose to be the latter!



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