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The Perfect Email Marketing Recipe For Your Brand

Your Weekend Food Bill Is On The House!

Talking about an offer you can’t refuse, it seems that this subject line piqued your interest!

Hope this blog on decoding email marketing finds you well, unlike those actual emails in your inbox. Out of the barrage of emails that you have subscribed to, there are only a few that you actually tap on and read. So, what makes an email click?

Understanding Email Marketing:

Amidst old-school and new ways of marketing, your trusted old pal - Emails have taken the marketing ecosystem by storm. Their subtle and non-invasive style of sliding into your inbox has made it an effective way for businesses to connect and build lasting relationships. From generating new leads to amplifying your content and improving your brand awareness, emails have always been considered to be a trusted ally.

According to Hubspot, close to 80% of marketers have noticed an increase in email engagement in the last year.

The Secret for a Successful Email Campaign:

According to a report, the industry average email click-through rate is 2.13%. However, as a brand, it’s necessary for you to understand the right way to create an impressionable email. In order to achieve this, it is essential for you to align the main aspects of an email:

Subject Line: With brands competing for a recipient’s time and attention, the need for a catchy subject line is pretty obvious. With a restriction of showcasing only about 43-47 characters, your eyeball-grabbing subject line is your one and only shot at gaining the customer’s interest. Keep your subject line brief, with an open-ended question or something unique that would incentivise them to open the email.

Preview Text: Although the recipient has opened your email, there is always a possibility of losing interest if the content of the email falls flat. To prevent this, you need to craft a smart preview text that is in sync with the subject line which provides additional information, urging the reader to scroll down.

Body Copy: Ensure that your copy is written as short paragraphs, giving the reader the feeling of a real person conversing with them and not like an automated response. Tactics like using sensory words that evoke their imagination, including urgency or a fear of missing out (FOMO) in the copy to tickle the reader’s curiosity, and personalising the content in the emails hit closer to home and prove to be effective.

A Strong Call To Action (CTA): Once the recipients read through the entire copy, a robust call to action can drive conversions. Creating a persuasive and actionable CTA will push potential customers to take the desired action.

Design: Creating a visually powerful and appealing email design can help the customers navigate through the content easily. About 20% of marketers believe that email design is one of the factors that improve your email engagement. A responsive email template has a huge impact on click-through rates. Use the right colour palettes to engage the readers, and make sure that every email is optimised for mobile devices as well.

How Are Brands Acing Email Marketing?

Food and beverages brands to the likes of Zomato and Swiggy are the cynosure of all eyes. Their marketing game is filled with copy that is witty, humorous and enticing while their imagery leaves you amazed and drooling, quite literally.

Zomato: The way to a person’s heart is through their stomach and through a creative copy that brings out the foodie in you. This brand’s email marketing performance has changed the narrative of mainstream marketing. It covers trending topics and does moment marketing with aplomb to connect with the audience. Zomato gets you hooked right from its captivating subject line. Design is the hero in their campaigns complemented with little but smart copy.

Considering its ‘Trip-Down-The-Memory-Lane’ email on Friendship Day or building a CV for Biryani as a ‘Craving Executive Officer’, with every email campaign, Zomato goes above and beyond to provide relatable email content for their customers, thus increasing their brand recall and awareness.

Swiggy: Swiggy’s winsome marketing strategy is concentrated around building curiosity among the audience. Through its clickbaity subject lines, it ‘spices things up’ by offering coupons and discounts, further punning their way into your inbox. Swiggy also makes the most out of moment marketing and capitalises on trending events, establishing an instant connection with their target audience. Their body copy is presented within a design with an impactful copy that stays with you.

Recently, their 7th birthday party was planned in a comment section with inputs from other brands such as Burger King, Faasos, Pizza Hut and the likes. This unique design appealed to their customers while engaging in brand banter at the same time. Along with this approach, Swiggy sent a notification of 60% off on their app as a way to attract the audience to the app, satisfying their app-etite. (Pun intended!)

How to Work Your Way Around Email Marketing?

The key is to keep your ears to the ground, optimise on ongoing events and create marketing collaterals around the topic that are doing the rounds. Email marketing is alive, now more than ever and is bound to grow in future having an active user base of about 4.48 billion. By focusing on the key aspects mentioned above, your email marketing campaigns are sure to reach the right eyes. However, it doesn’t stop here!

With the pace of current technological developments, identifying your valuable customer base and capitalising on the lucrative opportunities that your email list provides is now a possibility. With the deployment of Artificial Intelligence, you as a brand have the power to analyse consumer behaviour and deliver precisely tailored content to your recipients. In a nutshell, the future of email marketing, thus, seems to be unrestricted giving brand owners and marketers like you, the right opportunity to utilise it for a long time to come.


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