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OK Google! Is This The Future Of Digital Marketing?

Customer expectations are ever-evolving and that’s what keeps shaping and altering the scope of digital marketing. When every brand is eager to showcase the best they have to offer through their marketing campaigns, one organisation is offering myriad tools and functions and becoming the leading enabler of digital marketing. Yes, we’re talking about Google!

The tech giant has always been consumer-centric through its policy changes with regards to third-party cookies, browsing, and ads. For digital marketers, Google has been proactive in developing certain tools that have brought about a paradigm shift in digital marketing. Let’s take a look at a few.

  • Artificial intelligence (AI)

Google has revolutionised the internet with its search engine. However, there’s more to the company than just the keyword searches. It has also integrated AI in its products and initiated smart technology. From image recognition to automatic translation, a range of AI functions have become an integral part of the Google apps. With the introduction of AI, digital marketing is no longer restricted to conventional marketing practices.

  • Google voice assistance

Google voice assistance has evolved into a sophisticated space enabling users to accelerate the process of buying. Brands are now making an effort to explore this area and give users a personalised experience. Burger King made headlines with its 15-second TVC which featured a salesperson asking the Google voice assistant about the Whopper burger. This campaign went viral and showed how brands can leverage Google’s voice search technology.

  • Google Display Network

This is a platform where marketers can post targeted ads to gain better visibility. With the help of search history, ads are directed to prospective customers who might be interested in buying specific products or services. So, the next time you see ads related to the things you were searching for, you would know that Google algorithm is at work!

  • Google Digital Garage

Did you know that Google offers crash courses on digital marketing? Google Digital Garage is a platform developed by the company to get users introduced to the nitty-gritty of digital marketing. This has further bolstered their image as the enablers of digital marketing. Impressive, right?

Google has clearly become an integral part of digital marketing for most brands and the various analytical tools available on Google have turned out to be blessings for marketers. If you wish to strengthen your brand’s online presence, you can avail of services like Google AdWords and Google My Business, among others. So, it’s time to use Google’s offerings to your advantage and set your digital marketing initiatives in motion!


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