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Lockdown Revelations!

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Uncertainty visited the entire nation on 24th March 2020 as the lockdown was announced by the Indian government, and staying within the four walls became our new reality. What does the future hold for us? Nobody knows. But there have been a few things which we would have not known, if not for this lockdown. How about we incorporate those personal learnings in our professional lives?

From One Screen To Another!

By now, you must have read numerous articles to figure out the ideal way to deal with the work-from-home situation. Most importantly, now you know the features of almost every video call app there is, and have made peace with talking to colleagues or to an image (because, hello! Not everyone is blessed with a FLASH speed internet connection, right?) on screen. From business meetings to catchups with friends, every hangout destination ends on some app or the other, on some screen.

As a marketer, you must have already understood the gravity of this sudden adaptability by consumers across the globe. All those who hesitated to go digital or never considered it important, need to revisit their strategies. Because now, if online search results pertaining to your sector do not have your brand’s name, you are losing potential customers. No matter where the consumer is in this digital journey, convenience has always been the winner for any transaction, both online and offline. Make the journey as smooth and simple as possible for an effective ROI and to be their go-to choice in your sector.

Step Out Of The Screen As Well!

No more running for that 8:34 AM train or walking because yet another autorickshaw driver rejected you. But still, by the end of the day, we feel exhausted and experience mental fatigue. The reason is simple – we are too engrossed in the virtual world, for work as well as for entertainment. So now, digital detox, mandatory breaks from work, exercises to rejuvenate our mind and other techniques to stay away from those screens have occupied a place in our daily routine.

Taking this learning in the right spirit, brands can utilise this opportunity to show their human side. How? While you introduce several online engagement activities for your audience, this is the time where you can give back to society as well. The best example is that of those food delivery companies who now deliver groceries at people’s doorsteps! Such acts of good deed are the need of the hour. So while digital marketing seems to be the ideal way going forward, do not miss out on the chance of being beneficial to your audience on the ground. After all, reinventing yourself is always in fashion!

Working Whenever At Home!

Hasn’t this become your reality as well? For some it could be technical challenges, for some, it could be unrealistic client expectations. But everybody seems to be working throughout the day, with blurred boundaries between their personal and professional lives. And is it doing any good for anyone? No. Because the fact remains the same. Long working hours, at the office or at home, does not mean productivity. Even if you are working from the comfort of your home, it is not as rosy as it seems, as it comes along with its own set of challenges.

Does this ring a bell? Yes, this is about consistency. Staying consistent and spamming your audience with your content are two different things. Anything in excess never does any good. Choose a frequency that suits you and your audience. Even if you decide to post every day or every few hours, ensure that the quality is not dripping. Coming across as someone desperate is the last thing you would want to happen! Believe in your brand, your content, and patiently wait for the results to show. As you strive to achieve work-life balance, put in the same efforts for your content as well.

Homemade Food And More!

When was the last time you had that extravagantly cheesy burger? It was once upon a time, right? While the lockdown has made our cravings irresistible, it has also given way to a newfound gratitude for homemade food. If nothing else, your body must be thanking you for taking care of itself and boosting your immunity. And once you got bored of it, you began experimenting and discovered the chef in you. Even with limited resources available, people are discovering new recipes to make their taste buds happy and are experiencing the joy of having self-cooked, homemade food.

No prizes for guessing this one. Original content was, is, and will always be the one to seal the deal. Build a diverse team, discuss path-breaking ideas, experiment with your resources. Do whatever it takes to come up with something original, exclusive to your brand. Stay immune to the multiple trends and opt only those which are good for the health of your brand. At the end of the day, original content is going to save you from the clutter and set you apart.

The lockdown has been challenging and has not been easy on many. Those who have been blessed with the privilege of seeing the silver lining, however faint it may be, take it in the right stride and make the best use of it!



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