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Let’s Move Out Of That Beautiful Place - The Comfort Zone

A comfort zone is a beautiful place but nothing ever grows there - Unknown. How beautiful is a comfort zone!

It is like the calming sea waves, comforting like the sand bed and warm as the bright sun. But what about beyond this space? It is a downright scary place! We all love our cosy spaces in life, it can be our career choices, the kind of books we read, hobbies, sports, etc. But what happens when we go beyond the fence that surrounds us? Or explore something that always seemed impossible? As humans, we are all self-sabotaging individuals which makes the thought of taking up something daring, a scary idea in itself.

As a writer, you may often be put into an awkward spot. For instance, you may love weaving long stories that revolve around conflict, emotional rush and human experiences. On the other hand, perhaps you also prefer to keep a good distance from writing short copy. Then comes the change. You are thrown into a challenge. Your first reaction includes all the ‘WH’ questions. What can you do? Can you escape? Yes. But how far and how long?

Take a long pause, rest your hand over your beating heart and convince yourself to go ahead. Will it be easy? Absolutely not. At the same time, it’s not rocket science! Though the thought of stepping out of your comfort zone is terrifying, it can easily be attained with a change of heart and a mind engulfed with a desire to learn something new.

Here’s a quick guide on how to venture beyond the guarded fence, while writing.

Once Upon a Book

The best way to learn something beyond your area of knowledge is to read about it. For instance, if you want to write tiny tales, explore books, websites, etc. that help in learning the new art. Create haikus that will help you put your thoughts into few characters. Reading is indeed the easiest solution to transport yourself to different places and imbibe knowledge. Dive into books on various genres and scour through websites with wide-ranging writing styles. This will be a stepping stone towards learning new things.

Set Yourself on an Expedition

Need some inspiration and a fresh breath of air while writing? Travel is the answer. When your mind and heart are on uneven tracks, it is time to venture into a new place. Travel is a window to endless experiences. Indulge in new adventures, explore some untouched lands, visit famous landmarks and weave a new story with your experiences.

Expand Your Creativity

Want to write beyond your genre? Get some inspiration by learning a new skill.  Taking up a new hobby will help in expanding your skills and also stimulate your mind. So go ahead and take up that hobby you always feared. For example, if art and craft is not your cup of tea, start with easy projects like quilling or even abstract painting. Take baby steps. It is all about making that first move and setting yourself free from unwanted fears.

In The End

Do something that scares you! If you dislike writing comic strips, then read books that fall under this category and practice writing dialogues. Set aside few minutes every day to practice a new writing style. Broaden your horizon by writing stories with varied genres, creative characters, settings, and styles. This will help you break free from your safe space, where nothing exciting ever happens. Ask yourself what your comfort zone is? The answers might surprise you.



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