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Leadership - the Game of Thrones Way!

Leadership - the Game of Thrones way

“Any man who says ‘I am the king’ is no true king”. - Tywin Lannister. 

In some aspects, Westeros is nothing like what the real world is.

There are no white walkers, dragons or mysterious merciless murders. The Game of Thrones world is much bloodier than the real world. However, the real world does consist of anger, arrogance, ignorance and envy. It takes a true leader to utilize these traits and convert them into tools for the team’s benefit. We, at Yellow Seed, dug deep into the characteristics of each potential leader of Game of Thrones and have described how these traits can be used to be an effective leader in the real world.

The Coach

Tyrion is a perfect example of a coach leader. He is named the hand of king/queen, twice. This is because of his trait of being a good listener and giving participative feedback. A coach is needed when the team is required to set a long-term goal. This holds true as he guides Dany in a plan to acquire the Iron Throne. Coach leaders are patient and tolerant which is vividly portrayed in Tyrion’s journey which is filled with turmoil. Such leaders are knowledgeable and able to adjust, which is how they lead their team to new levels of success.

The Commander

On the contrary, Tywin Lannister served as a successful commanding leader. Though cold as ice, he took a powerful stance and dedicatedly served his house. His vocation of giving clear instructions and having high expectations made the Lannister house most powerful. A commanding leader takes one for the team and strives to achieve nothing but the best. This is shown when Tywin presented the dead bodies of the royal family as a proof of his allegiance to Robert and Stark. He has a solution for every problem and faces them with impeccable agility.

The Pioneer

A pioneering leader builds challenges and exciting goals for her team, expecting nothing but excellence and often exemplifying it herself. Such leaders pull up their socks and rescue the situation if need be. Remember when Jon Snow and his team were in dread danger against white walkers, and Daenerys rescued them with her dragons and the right time. She is a true pioneering leader, leading her team ever since the death of Khal Drogo. She has her mind set on the Iron Throne and achieves her goals through short-term results, which is a trait of a pioneering leader. She is passionately aggressive and always stands for what is right (hence she is called Meesa or Mother). A pioneering leader becomes successful in the long run, and we do hope (and believe) that she is the true heir to the throne (With Jon Snow of course!).

The Affiliate

First a bastard, then a lord commander and now the King of the North, Jon Snow has come a long way. He is what an affiliate leader is, proved time and again during the Night’s Watch. He also connects the Brothers of Night’s Watch and Wildlings and leads the team under one umbrella towards the bigger goal. Affiliate leaders are all about harmony which is a trademark of Jon Snow. Done well, they can be used alongside visionary leadership.

Apart from being the most watched TV series on HBO, Game of Thrones sure has a variety of values we can grasp and implement in the real world. These are our favorite leaders. Which is yours?



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