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Got Long-Term Marketing Plans? Take Your Short-Form Videos Seriously!

We’re living at a day and age where people are constantly consuming content. However, the way in which we consume content itself has changed over time. From consuming content through traditional sources like newspapers and TV channels, we are now offered an array of platforms through which we can derive information.

Over time, our attention span, as an audience, has reduced from 12 seconds on an average to eight seconds. People have begun to engage more with short-form video content as a result of which platforms like YouTube, Instagram and TikTok display short videos as their primary mode of communication. Having observed the same, brands have begun to cater to those needs in order to have a lasting impression on its audience, thereby making it their long-term marketing strategy.

Here are a couple of reasons why short-form videos work in the long run for brands.

Why videos work?

60% of internet traffic comes from video content. While attention spans are shrinking, video

content represents an entertaining and less mundane way of portraying the same kind of

information that you would have probably refused to read.

The evolution of video content

As people continue consume most of the content on their phones rather than other digital

devices, everything related to the kind of content they consumed is undergoing a new evolution. One such transformation in videos, is the popularity of short and snackable videos. This becomes an opportunity for brands to create short video content that can pop up on mobiles in ways of paid advertisements or recommended videos, making targeted content creation efficient. Having a short video not only encourages people to view the brand’s content but also keeps them engaged throughout.

Welcoming the change

As part of their marketing strategy, brands have come to understand that their audience is very active on social media. Hence, brands make videos that are tailored to suit the needs of their audience while also meeting the needs of their brand language. With social media platforms offering features like Reels, brands have found creative ways of branding their products while being more relatable to their audience.

Such short videos have also proved to serve another purpose. Considering the length, it is

considered easier to not only remember the content being viewed but also repurpose these videos on platforms as a way to increase the recall value of the brand. Many content marketers and brands are sure to continue creating short video content as it has a higher video completion rate that gets the audience to remember the brand better.

Having said that, brands must focus less on the their direct offerings and more on gauging the audience’s attention to give them a riveting experience in less than 90 seconds! This becomes a possible and effective when the business channels their energy into telling a valuable story in the first few seconds in order to keep them engaged and have a lasting effect. Always remember, the challenge is to communicate better in a shorter span of time, and the brand that understands this, wins the game of short videos.



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