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5 Ways To Create A Better Work Space At Home

With the nation in lockdown, many of us find ourselves having to work from home. What you don’t need right now is another article telling you how to transform your spare room into a home office. Here in India, not many of us have the luxury of a spare room or even an alcove. What we have are modest flats that we live in with 3-5 other people. Our real challenge is how to create an ideal WFH space in a small area. That’s what this article is here for.

Get innovative with your home office

We’re assuming you have the basics which include a laptop/tab/smart device and an internet connection. Now to create a space that helps you to focus on work:

The corner: A corner of a room is a great place to set up a work station because it offers fewer distractions. Make sure you have access to a power plug point and a spike guard. If the corner is not well lit, keep a reading lamp handy. Make sure you have everything you need for your work close at hand but try to keep your desk as clutter-free as possible. If you want to get creative (and if you’re allowed), you can stick a few quotes or a poster on the wall to inspire you.

The balcony: You don’t need a big balcony to set up your home office. You don’t even need enough space to squeeze a desk in. Invest in a folding table that you can attach to your railing and you’re good to go. A regular chair or stool should do well in this situation. You might need an extension cord for your power supply if you’re not close to a point. If you want to add a touch of magic to your balcony office, hang up some fairy lights that you can switch on as the sun starts to set. Potted plants also add to the ambience and provide you with extra oxygen.

The bed: What’s the point of working from home of you have to get out of bed, right? Well, the good news is that you can set up a workspace right on your bed. A tray table can house your laptop and anything else you need to get work done. We do however suggest that you get up and walk about every now and then to keep your circulation going. If you don’t have a tray table, you can use your bed as a table and a low stool to sit on while you work.

The floor: Here’s a way you can fit some yoga and meditation into your workday. Set a mat on the floor and on it have a low table or stool for your laptop. Do a few stretches before you sit down to work. Before you get started, take the Lotus Pose, calm your mind with a few deep breaths and meditate for 10 minutes. You can even have a scented candle or incense sticks nearby to set the mood. When you’re done you will be ready to take on the day and be more productive.

You room: Of course, if you have a room with a writing/study desk, then you can set it up any way you want, keeping in mind your work needs. If you find a cluttered desk distracting, then clear away what is not needed, if you find that a bouquet of flowers helps you focus, then get yourself one.

There are no strict rules for setting up a home office. What is important is that you are comfortable and get enough quiet time to finish your work. You might need to use headphones to block out the noise, and maybe a room divider might give you a better sense of focus. But finally, you know what inspires you so go ahead and make the most of your WFH situation. Also, stay hydrated.



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