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5 Brand Taglines That Proved Content Will Always Be King

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You see it everywhere. Peeking at you from a pamphlet, neatly tucked between two pages of a newspaper; hanging over shopping aisles, awash in white lights; even on large, looming billboards that dot the night skyline of a metropolitan city.

To be honest, they are just a bunch of words but every time you read them, you either hear the refreshing fizz of a beverage or are reminded of two golden arches that have accelerated the fast-food revolution in India.

These bunch of words, represent a brand’s identity and add to its brand equity every time a consumer reads them, and experiences the subconscious urge to purchase the corresponding product or service. They are an extension of a brand’s value proposition and are better known as taglines.

A tagline primarily works on the basic principles of ‘psychological value’ in marketing. How? By allowing consumers to express their sense of belonging and familiarity, and by making them feel better, every time they see the tagline of a product/service that they are patrons of. Taglines, although a miniscule part of the gamut of content, are an integral part of all marketing strategies.

Here are 5 brands, whose respective taglines continue to prove that the power of content is evergreen in the world of marketing.

1. Nike ‘Just Do It’

From all those moments when you felt that you didn’t have it in you to move even a stray leaf, to those moments when you felt like you could move mountains, there’s just one catchphrase that proves as constant motivation. Yes, it is the sports apparel brand Nike’s - Just Do It. The tagline came to be synonymous with the brand, its audience and all that it supports. From being an aesthetic company that manufactured shoes for marathon runners only, the tagline helped Nike become an all-encompassing fitness brand that encourages everyone to achieve the impossible. All they have to do is, just do it!

2. Amul ‘The Taste of India’

Did you find yourself humming to the tune of this Indian dairy company’s iconic song, ‘Amul…the taste of India’, every time you heard it? An Indian marketer’s favourite, Anand Milk Union Limited or Amul, as we colloquially know it, is synonymous with the words ‘Utterly, butterly delicious’. The taglines, along with the brand’s mascot, the Amul girl, a wide-eyed Indian girl in a polka-dotted frock, has kept the audience enthralled over the years. Their tagline has become a nostalgia-invoking and classic example of marketing done right.

3. Apple ‘Think Different’

When we talk about taglines, how can we leave behind a brand that changed the face of technology, by being an innovative leader in the industry. Apple’s tagline is a nod to all those visionaries who love to swim against the tide, who dare to be different and a class apart. These are the people who think different, who find awesomeness in places and things that most would term banal. Apple dedicated itself to creating and innovating on the basis of this philosophy and delivering products that were simple, safe and would, most importantly, help consumers view them as an extension of their identity.

4. Coca Cola ‘Taste the Feeling’

Imagine a hot summer day, when the air is humid and beads of perspiration are simply weighing you down! What’s the one thing that would help you cool down? For a majority of you, a bottle of chilled Coca Cola or Coke, as it is popularly called, could come to the rescue. The Coca Cola company has always been about enjoying the simple pleasures of drinking a beverage on a sunny day with friends and family around. The company’s previous tagline, Open Happiness, focused on promoting peace and self-expression, whereas the new tagline, Taste the Feeling, emphasises on finding joy in the little moments of life and harps upon the brand values of humility and simplicity.

5. BMW ‘Designed for Driving Pleasure’

BMW is a globally renowned, premium car manufacturing company but they don’t sell cars! Yes, you read that right. They sell a sense of accomplishment, a feeling of triumph, and an expression of class and sophistication. This automobile brand has been a forerunner when it comes to influencing individuals who wish to express their sense of self-worth. Their tagline ‘Designed for Driving Pleasure’ promotes that exact feeling as they offer high performance vehicles that are not only thrilling to drive, but are also status symbols.

Surf Excel, with their Daag Ache Hai; McDonald’s, that makes us all go, “I’m lovin' it!”; Pepsi with their once popular line, Ye Dil Maange More, and other such brands with memorable taglines have a few things in common. They have found the perfect blend of words that makes them memorable, sets them apart from the rest and gives their target audience a sense of belonging. Therefore, time and again, taglines have proved that content can definitely help a brand become the market leader; you only need to know how to use it effectively while staying true to audience sentiments.


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