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Welcome To The Era Of Digital Cooking

We all love Food, Food, and Food

Did you ever visualize food as an object that has the power to entice you besides leaving you hungry? Well, the era of digital cooking has surely invented the concept of ‘food porn’. Ladies and gentlemen welcome to the world of ‘snackable content’ which is driving Millennials, Gen Z and even Gen Y, crazy.

As you scroll through Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat there is something that comes together instantly- it’s vibrant, simple and not to forget, drool-worthy. Video sites such as Tastemade and Buzzfeed’s Tasty are revolutionizing the way we look and cook food. All of this within 30 seconds! These videos consist of simplified recipes which encourage people to cook even if they lack culinary skills.

The Tastemade Saga

Short, viral videos have taken over digital platforms. They now stand as the central economy of the web world and a booming business on which media giants are gambling. This flourishing platform is led by start-ups like Tastemade instead of traditional media firms.

Tastemade is all over the web. And, this popular video site produces content and distributes on Youtube and other platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. Tastemade is now expanding using the same ‘distributed content strategy’. In the year 2016, this short recipe video site became Facebook’s fifth most watched video publisher.

Everyone Loves Food Videos

Facebook also stated that video is the best way to convey stories to the evolving world and is predicting that within five years it would probably be all video. Cooking is an art which requires skills, ingredients and more, creating videos is similar. Tastemade used the right ingredients to rule social media with simple cultural recipes and basic ingredients. No fancy ingredients or gourmet style. This was highly appealing for the millennials who love eating out and also enjoy the experience of cooking meals. With smartphones replacing recipe papers in kitchens, millennials are trying these short recipes with their favourite companions.

This 'mobile-first mentality' defines how videos are viewed and the effects of content creation. From Nutella cheesecakes, Oreo milkshakes, juicy chicken and cheese recipes, food is the new found love. The focus of these videos is to go viral not win laurels. It is all about tagging, sharing and preparing food with people you love.

The Race to Create Appetizing Videos

From producers to media giants and new organizations, everyone is in the social orbit to collide as the most popular and relatable video site and earn more advertisers. The current audience adores food, right from #platedpics, delicious videos, and endless tagging, food is everywhere. This generation is open to exploring new things and smartphones enhance the brand's visibility. Videos are shot vertically to the fit how people view the world through smartphones. The sound is not a priority as most viewers watch them muted but high production quality of the video is an asset.

Engaging content with a dash of ingredients like dynamic apps and new digital flavours like IoT technology will spice up your journey to becoming the video site that audience views every day.

(#Worldfoodday just got over….why the delay? We were busy enjoying these shorty videos and making some lip-smacking stuff #itsnevertoolate


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