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To Mend Or Blend, Let Your Content Speak For You

“Content Marketing is known to play numerous roles for the benefit of your brand.” - every content marketer ever.

Whether you are a brand or a marketer yourself, you must have come across the quote numerous times. With experience, you also know how content marketing improves your brand’s visibility, reach and engagement with consumers. You are also aware of how your brand’s image should be positioned and enhanced in the digital space, for best results. Is that what content marketing is all about?

Content marketing has the ability to make your brand feel inclusive in the race with your competitors, yet gives you the power to be unique. As a fashion brand, you are bound to speak about all things fashion. However, how, where and what you communicate, sets you apart among your consumers.

One of the key industries known to focus heavily on brand individuality is Food & Beverages. Despite selling almost similar types of products and targeting the same audience, every brand has a unique aspect that helps them set themselves apart from their competitors. Wondering what that might be?

The answer is content! Be it the hub of articles on their website talking about the special practises they follow, or their viral social media posts that attract the audience, everything is crafted with a tinge of individuality. Jump right ahead to know how these brands have garnished their marketing with content -

The Social Presence

How brands present themselves on social media plays a major role in building and enhancing their brand image. From exploring new formats to engaging and entertaining their audience, they put extra efforts to make the most of social media platforms building their loyal base of customers.

One of such brands is Subway India, that balances their social media with product placements with catchy copy giving a whiff of Subway’s quirky persona. Have a look at their #PrideMonth campaign post.

Another popular brand, McDonald’s communicates product and service promotion through engaging concepts like refuel, offers, etc. social presence is dominated by their logo colors for brand recall for distinction and product placements to be a part of the herd.

The Communication Style

How a brand speaks with their audience, i.e. the voice and tonality, along with the topics they choose helps in planning their communication better. For instance, a brand like Keventers a big chunk of their social content is based on their mascot Mr. Keventer and the rest is user-generated content. While Mr. Keventers covers the moment marketing and trends, their UGC builds reach and creates the image of a trusted brand.

Cafe Coffee Day also uses brand bonding situations to connect with their audience. Whether speaking of a special day, or communicating about a special service offered by the brand, it is connected with a situation that the readers can relate with.

Moment Marketing

Trends and topical days are always an effective and efficient way to enhance your brand’s presence in the digital space. Almost all of the F&B brands are known to fight for the spotlight during such days, as it gives them a center stage for them to entertain their loyal customers. Here’s a glimpse of how brands build trend communication based on their brand personality-

The above stated scenarios are some avenues which allow brands to experiment with their content. However different they may sound, their agenda is always to connect and retain their brand image, improving their brand recall for the long. Considering these advantages, every marketer and business owner in this space, focuses on utilising content marketing in the best possible way to stay ahead of the curve. In simple words, with content marketing as their ally, brands can mend themselves to be unique while blending to be approachable by the consumers.



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