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Hey Brand, Why So Serious?

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Content is king! So, focus on creating content that provides value.

Every marketer when asked about the purpose of creating content, would answer something quite similar to this line. After constantly hearing this line, many marketers often assume that they have already understood the purpose of content creation. While this notion mentioned above seems easy to follow, however, the depth behind the words is often not understood.

When it comes to creating content for a brand every marketer aims to create high-quality content for their audience. With a huge focus towards creating valuable content, they often tend to overlook on a certain aspect. The entertainment value of the content!

While the audience wants to increase their knowledge and learn something new, a majority of the readers prefer to be entertained. Their expectation from content is rapidly evolving and that is the reason why brands have to reconsider their content strategy.

Entertainment value is a factor for good content quality

While our thirst for intellectual subjects on the web doesn’t seem to end, we often find ourselves going through interesting content i.e. an article on your favourite TV series or a gallery article with cute cat videos. While it may not serve any purpose for the content marketer in you, it does end up adding value to you as an individual. This same logic applies to brands as well. How you ask? Let us explain.

As a brand, your audience is used to only reading information related to your industry or services. While you are following the best way to enhance your business, there is nothing wrong from taking a break and posting something light-hearted. By posting content with the sole aim of entertaining people, you can establish a lot as a brand. Breezy content is known to bring the humane side of your brand to the limelight. Along with this, the unique tone that your content follows will end up captivating more hearts and hence make you more lovable.

One of the biggest advantages of publishing content that appeals to your audience is the rise in audience engagement and retention rates. By posting content that they would like to read, you ensure that all your readers spend more time on your website. As you serve as their go-to place to read something interesting, this also makes them return to your website. With simple content like this, your brand earns the image of being more relatable and also gives you a chance to showcase your brand personality.

To top it all the best part about content like this is the fun behind creating them. As a content creator, you are used to writing articles that make people think therefore, taking a break once in a while will also give you an option to reset your mind. This helps in adding fuel to your thinking process which will later help you build more targeted and direct content focussed on your clientele.

Here’s what a brand is supposed to do!

As a brand, you need to find the right mix of content to create for your audience. This only comes with a better understanding of their likes and dislikes. By getting a clear idea of what kind of content your target audience consumes, you will be able to plan your creation plan in a better way. The key to winning over your customers is balance. Yes, you heard it right. Ensure the right mix of content i.e. spread out your content creation schedule in such a way that serious topics and light-hearted topics, both are equally created.

The final quality is always important when it comes to content. While you must create entertaining content, this doesn’t mean that you don’t need to keep an eye on the output. Make sure that all your posts generate the right kind of reaction. For example, a funny article is supposed to make your audience laugh, if it has to make them feel amazed then it has to be top-notch. Delivering the right quality must never take a backseat. Along with this, ensure to keep your feelers out and always be ready to be on a lookout to create the most relevant content.

Final words – Your content is allowed to make people smile

From expecting information to now enjoying the causal read, our target audience wants content that makes them engage and promotes a sense of relatability. Instead of just talking about things, they want the content that makes them smile, laugh or even leave them awestruck! While it may not add direct value to them, this kind of content covers the avenues of entertainment and as we all know any content that entertains them, is the one that adds value. So brands, stop stressing on serious content, take a chill pill and proudly say this (never thought this line could be used positively)

Serious content, we are on a break!


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