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Content Saturation: Half Empty or Half Full?

Have you ever thought of how your brain acts as a storage unit for an infinite amount of content? Whatever that touches any of your senses, creates a memory in your brain, it may be short term or long term, it still classifies as content. This world is a library filled with millions of books. It’s you who has to decide which book is going to help you find your way through your dilemmas.

Within the sphere of business, however, content plays a huge role in terms of marketing. Around 60% companies make sure to publish an article every day to fuel their content marketing game. This leads to large volumes of content flooding the internet every day, leading to ‘Content Saturation.’ This phenomenon turns the spotlight on the need for relevance and demand while creating content.

Too much isn’t always an answer

As we’ve already established, this world though has answers to mostly everything, lots of content doesn’t always answer all our questions. Sometimes we’re so overwhelmed by the amount of information available at our disposal, that we forget to explore many aspects of a subject.

For example, if you work for a brand which sells ice cream, what are the things you could do to make your brand unique compared to other brands of ice cream? The answers could include: thinking of a new out of the box flavour, targeting an undiscovered group of potential customers, offering customers recipes to turn it into a dessert and much more. Creativity takes the cake here.

Grow your market

Sadly enough, exams and reality shows aren’t the only competitive concepts left in the world anymore. Companies have become highly competitive within their respective spheres of business as well. This leads to content becoming competitive as well. However, one fails to notice the monotony in such situations.

Despite the rise in the generation of content, the subjects that they include become highly monotonous if all brands talk about the same thing while targeting the same audience. This is where a company should think big and find content buckets that are fresh and still relevant in order to increase effectiveness. Additionally, the focus on providing appealing information needs increases engagement.

Set up a target audience

Throughout your journey of creating a content niche, make sure you have a well-defined target audience in mind as you plan your strategy. This will help you in learning the characteristic traits of your audience and what will appeal to them. The amount of time that you can keep a user engaged on your website or blog can help you understand the relevance of your content.

Make sure you analyze trends and are able to predict them through a careful study of the market. This will only lead to a better understanding of your audience along with the content that interests them.  Make sure you think out of the box and don’t let your competitors lead your line of thought. Originality and relevance are of the highest importance in the content game.

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