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Audio Content Marketing Trends That Need Your Attention

“How do we make our content reach our target audience effectively?” A question that every brand asks on a continuous basis. After all, innovation is a necessity because it doesn’t take time for boredom to hit your audience. Considering this, brands have been experimenting with ways to connect with the audience – from plain text to graphical and audio-visual, they’ve done it all. So, what more?

Think from the perspective of your audience. Today, people have little time to spare to connect with the unknown. Your audience wants to consume content whenever they want and with minimal efforts. As a brand, this is what you should be aiming for. Allow your consumers to consume your brand content without hampering their routine. To achieve this, audio content marketing could be your trump card!

Audio content marketing is simply producing content in various audio formats to keep your consumers engaged. Today, there are several options available for the same. Adopting any one of them gives your brand a chance to create a voice of its own. Choose a medium and add a pint of human emotion to your brand.


For effective content marketing, you need something like the radio. This is where podcasts come into play. A podcast is an episodic series of audio or video files that a user can choose to listen to as and when time permits. Podcasts on demand, unlike radio, allow the user the freedom to consume information whenever they wish to and not according to a certain timeline. Plus, podcasts give you a chance to cater to the global audience and not restrict your reach to a particular region. Creating episodes with respect to what your audience wants boost engagement and brand recognition. The cherry on the cake is that through podcasts, people can get information on the go. All they need to do is subscribe to your channel.

Smart speakers

Smart speakers like Amazon Echo, Google Home, etc. are no more a novelty. With voice-control built into them, people tend to use them to carry out various activities via voice commands. This concept could be a major gateway for you to make your audio marketing game stronger. Think about utilising voice search optimisation. Research on the most common queries asked by your audience and also the way they are asked to help you market your content better. For instance, the conversational nature; the how, what, why, maintained by consumers while asking questions should be kept in mind to attain more accurate results. A classic example is that of Dominos allowing its customers to order pizza through Amazon Alexa. Making the process of ordering pizza easier led to an increase in their direct sales and gifted promising results to Dominos.


Video continues to be one of the most effective digital marketing tools. Now, with audiograms, you not only harness this tool for engagement but also enhance your users’ video watching experience. Audiogram is a sound waveform of the audio played in the background. Simply add in an image or a succession of images with your audio to improve the experience. With the help of various tools you can now upload your podcast or audio on social sites in the form of an audiogram. What’s more? More often than not, people watch videos on mute on any social media platform. Looking at the waveform, your audience may be provoked to unmute the videos and enjoy the audiogram. Choosing an impactful audio clip matching your brand’s personality gives you bonus points!

Convenience is what audio content marketing offers in abundance. This comes as a huge relief to people who have no particular liking towards reading or watching videos, but still want to keep up with trends. Make your audio content strategy such that your audience finds a reason to hear your brand’s voice. If you put efforts to make the best of the advanced technology for content marketing, it will yield you ‘sound’ results!


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