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An Open Letter to Our Everyday Super Woman!

This one is for all the women in our lives. We couldn’t thank you enough, but we hope that it’s not only on this particular day.

Thank you for every day.

To our everyday helpers: From the time I wake up in the morning, trying to keep myself sane while multi-tasking between sending out an early email and getting ready for work, thank you for preparing my breakfast and making sure I eat before I leave. Though you have been hired for a job, you make my home a part of yours. How do I know this? The scattered books, clothes on the chair, wet towel on the bed, all seem to find their place by the time I return home. Even the days when I’m unwell, you offer to take care of me just like my mother would and treat me like I’m one of your own. My day would have been a disaster without you.

To the women who control the traffic: Every day I battle against traffic to reach office on time. If it wasn’t for you to regulate the traffic, god alone knows the chaos that would befall on our roads. Be it a scorching hot day or heavy downpours flooding the roads, you stand determined to help your fellow citizens to commute safely. My day would’ve fallen apart without you.

To the women managing transport: My parents are no longer worried about my late working hours because you choose to be awake and drive me around. While playing soothing music and asking about my day, you are an unsung friend in the after-hours of my work life. You sometimes share certain life shenanigans with me, irrelevant to my being, but I know somewhere you are imparting valuable knowledge in me which helps me the need of the hour. My career would’ve been at stake if it weren’t for you.

To the women in the armed-forces: If I’m able to do all the above its because you took it upon yourself to man-handle an engine 10 times your size and protect your nation so that people like me can sleep peacefully at night. You bid goodbye to your family, your daily comforts, your social life just to work day-in-day-out every day in the field and safeguard your nation with your guts and determination. If it weren’t for you, I can’t even imagine how life would be.

To all the 'frowned upon' single mothers: I don’t know where you find the willpower and perseverance to do the job of two people, single-handed. Seldom do I hear you complain, but I am aware of your sleepless nights, your struggles and the companionship you miss at times. You are bringing up beautiful children with moral values embedded in them, taking care of your home while shuffling between a job too, hats off to your courage and still managing to succeed in every aspect of life. 

While these are the women who are rarely spoken about, there are women who are celebrated every day. If it weren’t for them, reflect on how different life would be perhaps?



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