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Adapting Your Content For A Lockdown

A well-known business model is that of online and app-based ticket sales. Tickets could be for live shows and movies, travel, workshops and so on. In most cases, these businesses depend on large gatherings to drive profits. One way that online ticket sellers keep their customers interested and informed is through an email newsletter. Usually, a weekly publication, the newsletter contains information about upcoming shows, cruises, shopping festivals, and more. Summer holidays and new releases are what keep the coffers full and the company going.

And then all of a sudden there’s a global pandemic and everything comes to a standstill. Large gatherings are cancelled, travel is cancelled, as is every other non-essential service. What exactly is the business supposed to do now? One thing is for sure, if they lose their registered customers, the company doesn’t have a future. So how exactly does a business keep their customers entertained when entertainment has dried up?\

We’ve got some ideas for you

Curated content: The great thing about showbiz and travel is that some aspects never get old. From ski trips and beach holidays to Woodstock and wine tastings, there’s always an interesting article out there to engage your customers. While all your employees are working from home you can get them to dig deep into the annals of the internet and find good quality pieces to share with your audience. You can go so far as to do a reinterpretation of an article written in the 70s using modern language and appealing to millennials and Gen Z kids. Now is the time to get creative with your content.

Trivia: One thing that you know for sure about your registered audience is that they are fans of what you offer. The thing about fans is that they devour any content related to their area of interest. So if you can’t sell tickets to the latest Marvel film that is supposed to get released soon, you do the next best thing. You send out a newsletter chock-a-block with interesting facts about the making of the movie or its characters. Add some value to the storyline, talk about potential Easter eggs and keep the fans engaged.

Build anticipation and excitement: In addition to trivia you can also build up excitement for the upcoming film. You can run contests, have hashtag challenges and get people to take part with the promise of exciting prizes. Free tickets are always a good idea but you can also tie-up with stores that supply pop culture merchandise for more variety. Of course, in these uncertain times, you can even get your audience to guess when the movie will finally be released or when a show will take place. Prizes can be distributed once things return to normal. This can also be done for travel companies with quizzes on popular holiday destinations and interesting prizes.

Tweaking the business model: In times of crisis, it speaks volumes for a company that is willing to divert its resources towards a good cause. Virtual events can be created in collaboration with non-profits to help raise funds for those who are worst hit by the pandemic and lockdown. Show your customers that by partnering with you they too can do their bit for the greater good of humanity. The world could use some more good deeds right now.

Of course, you don’t have to do just one of these things. Experiment with as many angles as you like and see what works for you. You can launch a contest on Instagram or supply groceries to underprivileged families, or do both; your business will continue to stay relevant despite the hard times.



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