We believe, what one creates or accumulates over a period of time, must be passed on, and this holds true even for knowledge. We regularly conduct masterclasses and workshops where aspiring and enthusiastic professionals can benefit from our expertise in content strategy & development. This also serves as a platform to learn and share ideas, thereby fostering creativity. Sow a seed and watch the idea grow!

Workshop_Cracking Brief.png

Cracking the Content Brief

You’ve got the media vehicles. You’ve even got a great insight and you know exactly how social media works. But, what next? We answer this question (and a few more) through our practical insight led workshop – Cracking the Content Brief. Right from helping you a find a voice that works for your brand, to giving you ideas on how to keep the conversation going, we cover it all. Perfect, if you want to keep your consumers coming back for more.

Workshop_Creative Writing.png

Creative Writing

It’s so much more than the usual writing workshops. Instead of making you write and write and write, we focus on tackling your creative/writing blocks and gently direct you towards creating and articulating challenging content ideas. With fun exercises, interesting theoretical concepts and challenging but exciting writing prompts, not once during the entire session will you get bored – take our word for it.

Workshop_out of box.png

Out of the Box

If you have ever been stuck when it comes to forming catchy headlines, differentiating your brand from the others or are just running about in circles while trying to figure out new concepts that connect with your brand – this workshop is for you. Using creative thinking techniques and brand concepts, this activity based workshop assists you in solving these and more such questions. All in an attempt to open your mind to wider possibilities and great new ideas!

Workshop_Visual Communication.png

Visual Communication

Eating with our eyes also holds true when it comes to content. Gone are the days when one can only rely on the written word. Everyone needs something to feast their eyes on. This workshop revolves around how you as a brand or an individual can create visually appealing, yet relevant content that complements your communication objectives. And if you need to stay afloat in the sea of content, this workshop is for you because a relevant image helps to retain 65% of the information for at least three days!