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Video, as a format, has time and again proved to be an effective way for brands to communicate and engage with their audience. Videos are often used as a medium to build perspective to a brand while providing key information in a simplified manner. We at Yellow Seed have broadly classified these into two categories:

Animation & Transitions Videos

The main advantage of animated videos is its ability to explain complex ideas with ease and simplicity. When it comes to animated videos, we are experts in creating a multitude of formats depending on the campaign’s goal. Our team of graphic designers have developed animated explainer videos, 2-D and 3-D videos for brands to get the maximum traction from their target group.

Live shoot videos

As a brand, when personalization and adding a human touch is the key challenge, live shoot videos are best-suited options. With live shoot videos, we can showcase a new perspective of the brand’s ethos and offerings, thus providing a sense of relatability. Be it live-event coverage, face-face interviews or even tailor-made videos, our team of producers and videographers ensure to deliver high-quality video production for the brand’s marketing campaign.