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Not so long ago, in the City of Dreams sprouted an idea. To bring the best of content, visual brush strokes and magic together, thus planting a seed of creativity – the Yellow Seed! A dreamy duo set out on an adventure, where they opened happiness with a beverage brand, helped people secure a life full of certainties, set up a Corner Office for a leading automobile brand, danced around to the tunes of India’s favourite music app, even binged on, with a leading OTT platform and did much more!


Along the way, they created a place for themselves – full of interesting ideas, crazy people and lots and lots of fun!

Some folks call it ‘Yellow Seed - The Content Company’!

others call it 'Peela Beej Samagri Samadhaan' #GoogleTranslate


As their journey continued, their hard work and creative ideas bore fruits of success and recognition.


Best Content Agency

at National Digital marketing Conference & Awards, 2017, powered by CMO Asia


Silver for Excellence in Content

at the 9th Public Relations Council of India Awards for excellence by agencies 2019 held in Jaipur

Yellow Seed turns 8! But we won’t wait!

The incessant need for creating relevant and engaging content keeps us up, day after day!

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