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Same Content. Regional Copy.

Why switch to regional content when content in English is working great, you wonder? Take a step back and imagine an amazing one of the quirkiest Hindi ads in English. It doesn't sound the same, right?


Moreover, by restricting yourself to English content, you may be sacrificing a broader range of audiences who may be the ones you ideally should target. 

Still not confident enough? Check out these brands that broke the language limitations and adopted regional languages for content marketing!

Aapki Tareef?


When IndiaFirst Life, the life insurance brand decided to go closer to its audience, we aided them with regional content. We began by adapting their existing product-driven content to regional content pieces. The languages used include Hindi, Gujarati, Tamil, and Telugu. Eventually, we moved on to create content pieces in regional languages from scratch, and are currently working on adapting their product landing pages into Hindi. Our regional content campaigns and mailers successfully connected the audience better with the brand.

IndiaFirst Life Insurance

JioBusiness, a digital solutions provider, set out to elevate its content marketing strategy to target audiences at different stages of its sales funnel. To help their content step out of the box, we added regional content to their strategy. This included creating content for special days, translating existing pieces, and their adaptions in some cases.


Bharat Mandi, a subset under Rural Mandi Pvt. Ltd. aims to improve the livelihood of farmers ensuring better cash flows and income for them with the support of sustainable practices. To connect directly with their target audience, the farmers, they wanted to create a localised brand image and communication. We dived in and designed multi-lingual logos for them in English, Hindi and Kannada. Further, we ideated, wrote for and designed standees for the brand’s pilot project Gram Pathshala, all in Hindi and Kannada. The key purpose was to ensure that the brand’s communication reaches its audience and is absorbed effectively.

Bharat Mandi.jpg

The dairy brand selling milk varieties is based out of Kolkata, India, and wanted to create communication in the local language - Bengali. We helped them translate their daily social media content into Bengali. The agenda was to sound relatable to their local audience and encourage engagement and sales.

Mother Dairy.jpg

For the petroleum refineries company, we created campaigns that were regional content driven to bridge the gap between the brand and its local audience. Our first campaign Pure For Sure was derived from the brand's promise of Assured Quality and Assured Quantity for individual consumers, and consisted of banners and a rap song in regional languages. Our second campaign Smart Fleet was targeted to fleet owners, assuring them seamless business operations and peace of mind through banners and content using pop culture references.

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