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What’s In A Name? A Lot Actually!

What's in a name? A lot actually!

Have you noticed how corporate heads flaunt their title while addressing a gathering, or a doctor donning his profession with a stance? At Yellow Seed, we’ve taken efforts to discard inhibitions and showcase who we really are. The idea is to move away from conventional ways of identifying team members and adding a punch while empowering our team. But in what way has this trend helped us? There are quite a few aspects really.

Often in a company with various departments and numerous employees, one feels lost and may sometimes be unaware of what their role is and how they fit into the bigger picture. Our culture is inclusive and we believe that everyone working with us is a ‘made-to-order’. You have to be a bit crazy to work with us and plus, not all minds think alike.  Designations and alter personas simply help us identify ourselves while breaking through the barriers of an identity crisis.

Appealing designations also drives us to perform exceedingly. Guess what? One of our managers is called ‘The Panda’ because he believes pandas are unique and easy-going creatures, who persistently work towards something they want and achieve it. There are small things we do which we think to embody all that we stand for and awesome designations are just another example of us being ourselves. Every individual on our team gets the freedom to pick an alias that s/he associates with and that’s not just on paper. It’s there on all our visiting cards, email signatures and LinkedIn profiles. Go ahead! Ask us our story. We’ll tell you. From where we see it, it’s a win-win situation. Finding your alias and simply letting the world know.

'The value of identity, of course, is that so often it comes with a purpose' – Richard Grant



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