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Type Is Everything

We live in a world where brands dictate all the rules. From what you eat to what you wear to sleep, our choices are clearly influenced by design and visual. Typography should ideally breathe life into your brand.

It all comes down to how interestingly you tell your brand story. Befriending your audience would give a brand a key advantage over its competitors since it’s not something that all brands would do. With the help of social media, a brand can use the concept of “create, promote and progress”. From bringing in newness to type followed by promoting your brand rightly and thereby retaining the same would do the trick.

Here’s how typography plays a major role in carving a brand’s identity:

Force of Personality

What you wish to communicate depends on how you perceive yourself. Showcasing the right emotions can play a huge role for a brand in communicating the right message, across mediums.

Which is the one brand that you would say has consistently been entertaining audiences across age groups? From a 4-year-old to an 84-year-old, the brand that makes you believe in magic.

Simple is Sass

Ever walked into a car showroom decided to buy a Family Oriented and Reasonably Durable car, but looked at a brochure lying on the table nearby and changed your mind? Imagine the rush of adrenaline that could possibly have changed the process of decision making!

As consumers, we always look for simplicity in terms of content. Be it a hoarding, an advertisement, a jingle, a punchline, or even a quote. Lesser the better!

Hues of Text 

What is the first name that comes to your mind when we say a Red Colored Soft Drink? Somewhere, all our choices are based on what appeals to us the most. Based on a study, ‘The color red in marketing portrays power, excitement, energy, and passion. It also stimulates the appetite, which makes it an excellent choice when branding food or beverages.’ That is exactly why sometimes, what you see is what you eat. Literally.

Optic Appeal

The best way to deliver an impactful message at the first go would be to ensure that your end consumer is ‘Attracted at first sight’. The spacing and aesthetics do play a crucial role after all.

A great example that resonates this would be the multitude number of ways that authors sell the same content within self-help books while laying emphasis on different words in each cover design.

What's the Design?

Approaching typography with a completely new train of thought, like the concept of “design thinking”. The focus would be on brainstorming ideas in understanding the needs of the consumers rather than delving into the problem itself.

Typography impacts the mind of consumers in a very sub-conscious manner. Apart from building trust and establishing brand recall, it also nurtures a sense of brand loyalty. Hence, we rest our case by saying that it’s all in the typographical representation.


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