• Yellow Seed

Learning Marketing With A Talking Book



It was a Sunday, the scorching heat of noon was at its peak when she decided to go to the library. Being a philomath, she made sure that she finishes her assignment by the weekend and keeps it ready for the submissions while making sure she learns something new. She was this timid person who preferred staying alone, in her own world, rather than meeting people over catch-ups and coffee. Soon she was in the library, waking up the librarian who was in a deep sleep. She made an entry and started to scout for something to read and get references for her project. There was something very distinct about her. In the era everyone was scanning screens for research, she decided to wander in the lanes of a library to get the answers to her questions.

That is when she heard a sound. It was like someone was trying to squeeze out of a crowd in an empty library. The sound was squeaky and it was coming from the racks of the glossy magazines, the kind of content hardly interested her. They were too vibrant for her,all about new trends, fashion, and becoming a ''Social Butterfly". What she was into was marketing, psychology, human anatomy, and every other topic that requires intellect to read, let alone understand it.


A baby-like voice uttered from those glossy magazines' racks.

"Hey you, yes you, up here. Just do me a favour and get me out of this shelf please"

For a second she couldn't believe her eyes, ears, and most of her sensory responses for that matter. She felt like she was in some dream, just like the librarian, and needed to wake up. But even that is not possible because she was still standing on her feet with eyes wide open, gasping at those tiny eyes of a book that was grinning at her.

"Hey, can you even hear me? Hello?"

"Yes, I can hear you but I CANNOT BELIEVE THIS!" she said in a squealing tone.

"Ssshhh. Don't you know that one should not talk loudly in the library?" reprimanded the book.

"Oh, so a book that talks, is advising me on not-to-talk in a library, great." She exclaimed while “rescuing” the talking book out of the glossy magazines’ rack and placing him on the table.

"Are you always this arrogant or is it just the climate that is doing this to you?"

The poor book was trying to start a conversation but definitely was failing at it.

"I was feeling lonely but I'm not here to talk. You wanted to be saved from those overrated fashion guides, I helped you. But now I need to go and find some books for my assignment on content marketing. Something that I can refer to, and complete the project. Not just here to have a conversation that leads nowhere. So bye." She said it hopelessly.

She was just about to leave when this book said something that caught her attention and a little bit of her sympathy too.

He said, "I am lonely on Sunday afternoons, just like you. Besides I can help you with your assignment too if you let me" looking at her with puppy eyes.

She decided to take this shot, and see if the talking book was worth her time and actually have any information she might need. They sat together, on the table close to the window and started the conversation with that talking book, which demonstrated its specialty with its words. He was not like the fiction storytellers or the science lords who had a lot of information or engaging content but not everyone likes the usual. He was Unique.

“So, what is your assignment about?” He asked with a little excitement.

“We have been asked to research the elements of marketing and then conduct a survey on the same.” She answered.

“Fine, so which books have you chosen to refer to?”

“There are two. One is ‘The elements of marketing’ by Paul Terry and the other one is by Anthony Morden”

“You know what, why don’t we give this discussion a pause and introduce ourselves first?” The book asker her.

“Where is this coming from? You were supposed to help me with my assignment right!”

The book overlooked her certainly stern voice and began with his own introduction with blind faith that she would follow suit.

“Being a talking book might be unusual and magical too, but generally, not a lot of people come to the library and that is why I feel lonely almost all the time. Even if they do come, they never choose me. Is there something off about me!”

She could see the sadness reflecting on the book's face.

"Look! Until now I didn't think that I would feel pity for a book, but you made me feel it. You are something totally different and exceptional! You are not being chosen because you are not placed on the right shelf. You are in the magazine racks and that is not where you belong. You need to be with the smart fellows here, that is your niche!" She got all hyped when she was talking about this.

“Okay. Let’s say that I have been kept on the right shelf. What guarantee do we have that I’ll still be read?” He questioned with a worried expression.

“You will be chosen in that genre if only your target audience is clear. If you’re a book concerned with the target audience of Content Marketing, then why would the crowd interested in Event Marketing read you? Isn’t it?”

“UGHHH! I hate to admit it but you are correct. OH! Why would someone select me, especially me? If they want to read, why would they go for a conversation?” At this point, she was totally admiring the book’s interest in knowing its value amongst all the other genres. She liked his spirit to know more and more about himself. She continued-

"You can do so much more than just a regular book's function. See, it’s not just that you can talk, you can understand too. Actually, you talk to us, you understand what we require, and try to answer us appropriately. None of the other books can do this. Oh Yes! This is your USP!”

“Wow! Wait a minute. What is a USP? He asked with a sly look on his face.

“As a reader, I personally feel the need for points of view besides mine, on the same piece of content, to look at it from various angles. Being a talking book, you might be the perfect option with unbiased opinions and ideas about the content, and that is what is your Unique Selling Point aka USP." She said all of this with true excitement.

These facts brought a faint smile to the book's face.

"So you are saying that though I am alone, I am essential in our books' community, is it?" questioned the little book.

"Exactly!" she exclaimed. Being unique is never boring. Uniqueness has proven to be similar to being a diamond in a heap of coal. It leads you to shine and stand out. It is what makes you unmatchable amongst your mates! So, keep this confidence and your not-so-chin-looking part up! Okay?" She said looking at him expectantly. “Thank You!” He said with gratitude.

"Ideally, you’re not the only one who helped me. As a few minutes friend, I announce that you have successfully cracked the solutions for your assignment. Niche, Target Audience, USP, and whatnot! That too in a library with a talking book ." he sighed while saying this.

“Oh yeah, you’re right! I did get the answers that I was looking for. Great!” exclaimed the girl, understanding the hidden intent of the book.

“Okay then, it's time for me to leave. I will try to be here next weekend too. Hope you need not be rescued from the glossy rack again, Bye!"

She lifted him and placed him with the content marketing books, and waved at him.

"Bubye, and rest assured that next time, when someone visits the library searching for me, I am placed at the right niche, focusing on my target audience with my uniqueness to talk and understand the readers.” said the book.

“Yes, that’s your USP.” She murmured as she left with a big smile.