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How Does Your Brand Talk?

As a marketer, we are always on the lookout for good branding examples, in all available formats, across platforms. The moment we take off our marketer’s hat, we perceive the same communication as an audience member looking for a connection.

What makes you stop scrolling and attentively read a conversation between Netflix and Tinder? Moreover, what is it that keeps you going back to the conversation for updates from them or other brands joining the conversation?

It is the quirky personas that Netflix and Tinder flaunt, reflected by their sassy, sarcastic, and pun-ny communication. The familiarity posed by their personas is what draws our attention to any communication put out by these brands, irrespective of whether they directly affect us or not.

Like us, you too must have, at some point found yourself smiling at the push notifications by Zomato or awing at the relativity by Swiggy.

Zomato possesses a fun-loving and caring personality which is showcased by their copy of ‘not skipping breakfast’. For those of us living in a different city, away from our mothers, they make us nostalgic with their memories. Their competitor Swiggy takes a similar approach of being playful and keeps us aware of their offers and services while being relatable and compassionate. For those of us neglecting health being burdened under work, they become our motivators. For those of us craving for something specific, they hit the bull’s eye with their selection of dishes for us. Despite being bound by the core communication of orders, orders, and other services, they never let go of creatively implementing trends, just what stops us from swiping it away without reading.

You must have seen Mahendra Singh Dhoni as the face of NedMeds and Cars24, both being brands from different industries. For both the brands he adapted a different persona, as a concerned consumer and an enthusiast, respectively, and we loved every role equally.

For NetMeds, Dhoni adapted a family man’s persona, conscious about the availability of medicines, speaking with an audience similar to his character. As for Cars24, he portrayed the role of a car enthusiast, addressing the group who are considering a purchase. This showcases how donning a brand’s personality is an important factor to build an audience or collaborate for an influencer/ambassador. Every step you take for your brand will be driven by your personality, which in turn will enhance your brand recall and build credibility for your brand.

This chain of brand building gives rise to brand credibility which is a successful way of building a bond with the audience, creating loyalty amongst your consumers. This leads them to be your brand advocate, spreading the word about you, boosting your brand reach indirectly. This power behind brand personality helps your business get ahead of your competitors. In simple words, it is time to plan your strategy in such a way that it builds your audiences’ trust.

If you wish to know more about how your brand’s personality affects your brand’s presence in the market, here’s a read for you - What’s Your Brand Personality- The Sassy, The Sorted Or The Sophisticated?



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