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Do Not Be That Friend!

You have something to sell?

You definitely need a story to tell!

You want it to be a glory?

Try telling a real story!

Why? Because honesty is the best policy? Well, it’s much more than that. We all know that one person in a group who loves to build exaggerating stories around nothing. A small accident in the neighbourhood or a gossip making rounds in the city, he/she will have an amplified version of the incident. By the end of the narration, how do you respond? Probably, you become too bored or disinterested to even react. You know what you do. So, as a brand, when you tell your story, do not be that friend

Buy this oil and your hair will be smooth and shiny.

A deodorant a day keeps your fans closer.

97% of medical professionals believe in our product.

The world cannot get enough of stories. But, good stories. People are tired of hearing and seeing brands build castles in the air about their products. Think of your audience as your friends. Just like you would not want to hurt your friends, don’t fool your audience by making make believe stories. No matter what the story, make it yours, make it realistic. The only question they have for you is, “Will you be our friend?” It’s time for you to say yes and make a promise. Let’s have a look at what could be your friendship vow.

Be Real: Be their friend, not their foe

Think about it. You are narrating your story to real people. You are trying to solve real problems. Then why should your story be anything far from realistic? If you want your customers to believe your story, make it real. Admit it, no matter what you project, your customers are going to use your product and find out the loopholes for themselves. So why exaggerate in the first place? To sell your product and to make it a talking point, you need not create hypothetical scenarios and consequences. A simple real-life example with a message and an easy plugin of your product can do the trick. People believe in emotions more than anything else. Try to gain their trust through that and not through hard selling.

It’s simple. Be you. Believe in your product and weave a relatable story around it. A story for people to ponder about. A story which is authentic and relatable. A story which makes your audience feel, “Yes, we face this too and we would like to change it!” Because they are looking for solutions and if you want them to opt for your solution, all you have to do is make realistic promises and deliver accordingly.

Your audience just wants you to be their friend. True friend. Will you be the friend they need?

Will your answer be: I’ll be there for you? (Okay, take your time to hum the song and then decide your answer.)



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